Technology and How it Can Benefit Your Care Business

Implementing technology has been proven to improve experiences for customers and for the business itself? It's time to make the switch!
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Technology is everywhere and impacts every aspect of our lives, wherever we go and whatever we do. It has been profoundly implemented into many different industries such as hospitality, retail, manufacturing etc all to improve how a business operates. It can increase productivity of both employees, employers and the business itself. It can improve business processes, compliance of employers and improve the engagement between your employees and the engagement with customers. 

However, the main question we want to answer here today is;

How can technology benefit your Care business?

Technology is starting to make a huge impact in the UK Healthcare industry. In care homes, pharmacies and doctors surgeries. The access to this technology has been improving how residents and patients are cared for through having instant and organised access to patient information, making it easier to communicate this information with patients and even eternally with health professionals. Those within the healthcare industries are now realising how beneficial technology is in a care environment, especially for supporting the older generation. 

The possible benefits technology can have in improving the health and wellbeing of the residents are endless. Let’s explore some below; 

Compliance made simple; implementing a workforce management software can help you ensure that your staff schedules are in line with your employee agreements and local laws, avoiding any compliance issues to arise and eliminates the need for administrative headaches. Having compliance as part of your workforce management software not only promotes and demonstrates a professional business, but it can also increase job satisfaction and improves self-esteem of staff as they will better understand the goals and objectives of the company, becoming more invested and using this investment to boost morale on the job and enhance loyalty to the company.

Increased efficiency;

A healthcare workforce management system enables you to create  your daily schedules at any location and group level. It can be completed simply in a few clicks and avoids the need for manual, laborious and time-consuming tasks. Instead, efficiency levels are increased with cloud-based software.

Accurate staffing levels;

Labour shortage has made it increasingly difficult across all industries at the moment, but in particular the healthcare industry is suffering. In order to help manage this shortage, healthcare management software will help to match skills and manage the demand so your patients and residents will be provided with the best care possible. This is done through AI-Driven forecasting, recognising patterns in your workplace can help you have the right people in the right place at the right time and reassures you will always be covered. 

Engaged employees;

Healthcare management software has been proven to increase the productivity and engagement of staff. With engagement surveys and pre-shift questionnaires, managers can monitor how staff are performing and feeling at each of their locations and can access and download these reports from anywhere. They can use the data to address any issues and improve business processes where necessary. Carrying out long overdue changes and addressing issues within the workplace highlight to your staff that you care. In turn, this leads to more loyal employees and retention. Without care management software, access to this data would not be as oblivious. 

Real-time control;

With healthcare management software you can have access to your accounts from anywhere, meaning that when you are on the go, you still have real time control and overview of where your staff have clocked in, at what time and whether they have taken the correct assigned breaks. With this overview and improved control, you can manage your workforce better and enable you to see if you have the right amount of staff on at any given time to cover the demand of residents, patients and customers. 

Reduced payroll;

Use healthcare management software to cut down on overtime and rely less on agency staff or locums by optimising your workforce and improving your use of substantive and permanent staff. This will also eliminate any payroll headaches too, staff time cards will automatically export to payroll which removes the need for manual payroll processing and prevents errors in pay. 

Care Home Technology Compliance

What might sound like minor improvements you may think have no impact, it’s when they all add up they contribute to huge business impacts that will pay off in many areas you might not even think about! You will have more time to focus on attending to the care of your residents, customers and patients. You will have more time to spend with your team and improving their skills and training. Improved compliance with secure document storage which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. This improvement means no more trailing around paper copies of patient information which would be risky and breach confidentiality rules.

The list is endless for how technology can benefit your care environment. The main takeaway here is that switching from manual processes to a digital software system will profit your business and will have endless positive outcomes. 

Intrigued to learn how Bizimply can benefit your care business? Get advice from one of our business solutions advisors today, just book in here! 

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