Reasons why you need to switch to Digital Timecards

Not only are manual timecards more time-consuming but are prone to inaccuracies. Make the switch to digital timecards and you'll see instant improvements in business performance.
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Organisations are quickly catching on to the digital groove and digitalising all their processes and business functions, and HR processes are no exception. Every business needs a way of tracking their employees’ attendance, managing their labour costs and reducing overtime. Using digital timesheets gives you full control over this with real-time visibility.

In this article we will look at the reasons why you need to switch to digital timecards, why tracking time and attendance manually is outdated and the benefits to making the digital shift to your business:

  • Why you should use digital timecards
  • How to use digital timecards to your advantage

In short, a timecard is; ‘a piece of paper or electronic document on which the number of hours that somebody has worked are recorded’.

An employer can use a timecard to record the times an employee worked on their assigned shift. Timecards can also be used to record time spent on certain tasks, activities or projects and clients. The methods vary depending on your own preference, timecards can be digitalised, carried out on spreadsheet software, through online time-tracking software or the old method of simply using paper. 


Payroll processing

Timecards help you keep track of your employers and the number of hours they worked, their time-off leave, accruals and a note of adjustments for processing payroll. Time tracking software such as Bizimply is extremely useful for employers to accurately record and track the workflow for payroll approval. Time tracking software also allows for less inaccurate data entry which can be the cause of payroll errors. So, why not minimise and eliminate these errors by implementing a system like Bizimply that will keep your records straight?

With Bizimply timecards, you can save time and money by approving and sending your timecards to your payroll providers in minutes. The software also allows you to automatically calculate and deduct unpaid breaks as well as automatically calculate overtime and premium rates. Once timesheets are approved they are then exported to your payroll system. The best of it is, these timecards are stored securely in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing them!

Staying compliant with a digital solution

Reports have shown that around 40% of companies do not track attendance of employees and are unaware of how many of their employees showed up to work on what days and when. However, as of 2021 European regulations demand tracking of when staff arrive on the premises and when they leave.

The most recent updates from the European legislation and the Charter on Fundamental Rights; state that organisations must ensure that workers receive basic employment rights, by setting up “an objective, reliable, and accessible system enabling the duration of time worked each day by each worker to be measured,” quoted by the ECJ. 

Increase in Productivity

Digital timecards are a major productivity tool for both you and your employees, they can bring more structure to your workplace. Researching and implementing the right time tracking software will cause significant improvement of efficiency, motivation and productivity for your team without expending any extra effort.

As well, implementing digital tasks saves organisations an abundance of time which can be exerted in other areas of the business that have been abandoned for too long. Ultimately, this leads to creating a more valuable and enhanced experience for your customers.


Reduce time wastage

Sick of spending hours manually filling out timecards? Digital timecards allow you to observe where labour is being wasted and the opportunity to rectify this. When collaborating with the attendance data, they can be approved and with payroll in minutes – big time saver!

Save money for your company

Digital timecards allow you to confidently track the hours your staff are actually working, they track efficiency of workers by comparing the amount of time they work with the output they produce. It will identify poor performers and those employees who are costing the company more money. They can be used to pinpoint your more efficient staff and therefore create a more efficient roster when it comes to scheduling.

GPS Time Tracking

With Bizimply GPS time tracking, employees can clock in and out via their smartphones or via the iPad. This way, employees’ hours are accurately recorded and easily reviewed, saving you money. You can easily allocate and track the location of your staff members. Because work hours are well utilised, businesses save time and a lot of money. You save time when the payroll period arrives because digital timecards accurately break down employee’s hours for you and as we said before, exports to payroll in minutes.

Save on Paper and expenses 

There will be no need for your end of year expenses on paper to be so high when you go digital. Plus, you will be contributing to saving the environment – a win win for all! By going digital you can exert this money into other areas of your business. 

There you have it, digital timecards aren’t difficult to start implementing into the business and they make processing payroll easier and more reliable. Digital timecards with a built-in scheduling function make managing your staff a breeze. Have you considered how convenient this would be for your business? Make your business more efficient and more profitable today. 

Make payroll a breeze with Bizimply’s timecards. Want to book a quick FREE demo? Sign up here.

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