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It’s our mission that as we develop Bizimply we are trying to hand over more and more control of the system to our customers, to configure in a way that works for them. Starting to use Bizimply should feel like moving into a new house. You feel comfortable that the building, plumbing and wiring work is of a high standard – but what turns a house into a home is when you put your own stamp on the place. Our mantra is that we are creating a system that, straight out of the box, should feel to a business owner and their staff that it has been built just for them.


This week we have retired our “Tip of the Day” box on the dashboard and turned it into an editable box for owners and managers to fill with what they choose. It could be promotion you are running, maybe a congratulations to your employee of the month, maybe you want to keep Tip of the Day and fill it with tips relevant to your team.

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