Smart Time And Attendance And Payroll Processing

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Over recent weeks we have been listening to your suggestions and trying to speed up your Timecard processing. We are now presenting our smart defaults, Timestation rules and responsive design.

Everyone does their payroll differently so we want to offer the flexibility that means Bizimply can cater for everyone.

Smart Defaults

Smart Defaults

First we allow Timecards to be defaulted from either the Schedule or the punch-in times collected by the Timestation. This allows a business to either pay by their weekly schedule and use the Timestation to just monitor attendance. Alternatively by defaulting from the Timestation, the schedule can be used to double check Punch-times before processing payroll.

Timestation Rules

Timestation Rules

If you choose to pay by the punch times, Bizimply then allows you to set up rules around those punch times. If an employee is early – the punch time can be rounded up to their schedule time. If an employee leaves a few minutes late – you can round the punch time back to the scheduled time. If an employee is a few minutes late maybe you will say they were 15 minutes late regardless.

Whatever your attendance and punctuality policies are Bizimply can now be completely automated to your needs – to make payroll processing a simple task

Responsive Design



We have also been working hard to make Timecards work across all your devices with our new responsive design. Now Timecards can be approved on desktop, laptop and tablet.

Thanks for using Bizimply.

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