5 Benefits You Will See With Improved Scheduling

Improved scheduling helps businesses reduce labor costs, boost staff morale, improve efficiency, and much more.
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Employee shift scheduling for your restaurant can be much more complex than it seems. From managing overtime hours, to employee time off and availability, to making the right calls when it comes to last minute cover requirements, scheduling takes a lot of time away from your team. Not to mention, that’s before you send it out to your team and have to make continued adjustments. Keep reading to see how implementing a software can help streamline your scheduling processes and create more improved scheduling.

1. Time

No matter what type of business you’re in, labour scheduling can be a time-consuming, error-prone, and downright frustrating task. You need to match employee skill sets, availability, and preferences with fluctuating business demand in order to maximise productivity and minimise costs. That is why improved scheduling is important for your business. Trying to schedule a workforce using spreadsheets and semi-automated systems too often results in less-than optimal performance, overstaffed shifts or undermanned rushes. Using a cloud based software like Bizimply to build, fill, manage, and measure best-fit schedules enable you to meet business goals, all without overspending labour budgets!

2. Better communication with staff

Poor staff scheduling can have major consequences for always-on operations, even if it doesn’t look like it on the surface. It would be worth implementing an ongoing formal process to review costs, compliance, and other key factors, especially for larger stakes. Publish and communicate the schedule with your employees so that everyone knows where and when to find it. Online scheduling solutions ensure everyone will have access to their schedules anytime and anywhere and they’ll be notified of any changes via the communication methods used.


3. Costs

Improved scheduling will also reduce your labour costs. Optimising schedule costs can help to reduce your spend on overtime and ensure you always have the minimum staffing levels in place to meet forecasted demand. This limits overstaffing and contributes to operating within your budgeted labour costs. However, if peak hours aren’t taken into consideration, performance will be affected and customer demand won’t always be met.

4. Performance & Productivity

Are all hands on deck at your busiest times? There should never be anyone taking their break or working in the office in the middle of service. At peak times, not only are staff on breaks limiting the service you provide to your customers, but they are increasing the pressure on the staff that are working. Improved scheduling will allow you to know that you have the right people with the right skillset scheduled for the right time.

5. Happy employees

As we always say, employees are the heart of every company! Treating them fairly and ensuring their happiness is vital to a business’s success. Having perks and benefits that your employees appreciate and are motivated by can contribute hugely to how hard they work and how they treat your customers. Making sure your employees are happy and giving them a great work environment will likely have a positive impact on employee retention.

Ask yourself:

Are all your staff fully utilised at all times? If not, what prep work could people be doing? In Bizimply, you can create Daily Task lists for your staff to ensure they are completing all jobs required on their shift.  

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