Signs that you need Restaurant Management Software

See the reasons why Restaurant Management Software is valuable. Switch to automated food cost calculation, smart ordering and digital inventory.
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We have identified numerous reasons why Restaurant Management Software is essential for your restaurant. Not only will it improve your restaurant’s performance but it will also result in a more engaged team and increased communication amongst employees. 

Stay tuned and let’s explore the reasons why you should switch to automated food cost calculation, smart ordering and digital inventory.

  • Employee turnover is costing you lots of money
  • Unfamiliar with your food costs
  • Money loss when writing off unused inventory
  • Too much time spent on ordering or frequent mistakes
  • You have more than one location
  • Consistency across multiple locations
  • Your software systems don’t integrate with one another

Employee turnover is costing you lots of money

Within the hospitality industry, employee turnover is very common due to the need for seasonal and part-time workers. Hospitality at the moment is suffering badly from this as the hospitality staff shortage continues and as a business owner you want to feel in control but you can never predict when an employee is going to leave. So how can restaurant management software help with this? With the cloud-based system you can keep track of your restaurants recipes, daily task lists, orders, stock, food costs and margin checks so when an employee does leave you have these stored in a safe place and enables business to run as normal. New employees easily bring their knowledge up to speed and there shouldn’t be much disruption. 

Unfamiliar with your food costs

Food costs are a major challenge within the hospitality industry and for many it still remains to be a guessing game. How much are you earning on the chicken burger? Is it making profit or creating a loss? The cost of each individual product isn’t the only thing you need to calculate, you need to include other factors such as time and effort too. Inputting this accuracy will make all the difference to your overall spend and will allow you to identify those items on the menu that are too much of an expense. With restaurant management software it automates the process and allows for food costing and margin checks. Accurate food cost calculations offer a reliable basis to determine your margins and the system automatically detects when you lose profit.  

Money loss when writing off unused inventory

Inventory tracking is important for food cost control and food costs would be sky high if you write unused inventory off. The ideal situation would be to have enough inventory for peak moments, but don’t overdo it! Having a digital system will help control this and get the quantities right; this way you can stay on top of inventory value and quantity. With seamless integration to your POS system, it automatically updates the inventory when all sales go through and reports can be pulled for review. 

Too much time spent on ordering or frequent mistakes

Placing orders doesn’t have to be a time consuming process. Having a restaurant management software in place means ordering can be done in less than ten minutes. With automation and a storage system to keep documents you can eliminate the time-consuming components. The system will create an order suggestion based on your previous stock status. You confirm that it is correct and the software will send the order to your supplier of choice.

You have more than one location

Restaurant management software is a must if you have more than one restaurant on the go. If you don’t implement it, it will definitely be a challenge and as if running two restaurants isn’t a challenge already! You can’t be in two places at once so how are you going to get a complete overview of both your locations and their performance? Restaurant management software that has GPS clock-in for employees allows you to see who is clocked in and at what location, you can get this insight from anywhere on your phone making managing multiple locations easier for you. 

Restaurant Management Software

Consistency across multiple locations

If you are running multiple locations you want to ensure standards remain the same throughout as this is what customers would expect. You can use restaurant management software to create and assign tasks, review shifts and employee performance and also store essential documents like recipes, training notes etc. Having these features can create expected procedures and standards across locations and staff will be required to adhere to them. 

Your software systems don’t integrate with one another

Digital technology like POS-systems, scheduling software and digital ordering modules are now extremely beneficial to the hospitality industry. But is it as beneficial if none of your software integrates with one another? This leads to more time consuming and repetitive tasks of entering data into each individual system and it also means that deep performance insights cannot be gained. With restaurant management software that seamlessly integrates with other systems it can bring all this important data together so you can analyse your business more effectively.

There are so many factors to consider when running a restaurant or two, but restaurant management software should be a top priority. Using Excel or spreadsheets to create schedules or the basic pen and paper to take notes is outdated and does not allow for deep performance insight. How do you expect to thrive as a business without this valuable information? Streamline your processes today. 

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