Theft happens but here are 3 simple things you can do!

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Theft from the business can occur through many areas, be they customers, staff or delivery persons and can be in stock or cash. Watch out for tell tale signs of theft in your store rooms. Sometimes your own employees can be the ones responsible for the theft. Here are 3 simple tips to help prevent this from happening.

1. Security systems and procedures

When you hire a new staff member make sure they are very aware of all the security systems and procedures in place. Ensure all employees sign the employee directory. Also if you wish to conduct bag searches, please contact a member of the HR team for guidelines to support you through this process. Beverages ripped out of cases is always a sure sign of a theft problem.

2. Most cash theft happens at the tills.

Pay attention to the number of voids, refunds, shorts or over’s by any cashier. Watch to see if any patterns emerge.
If you have a theft problem ensure receipts are issued to all customers. Minimizing the possibility of short changing or “under ringing”.

3. Don’t balance your own till

No staff member should be allowed to balance up their own till at the end of the shift. Are customers paying for all their small sides? Analyse your sales on these items over a month by matching your sales against your purchases, you might be surprised. Why not place them at the counter next month and repeat the exercise.

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