Our Top 5 Chicago Eats!!

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We’re on our way to Chicago tomorrow for the National Restauarant Association Show!! While we are excited about seeing what some great companies are going to be doing at the show, we are also really looking forward to getting out and exploring Chicago’s restaurant and bar scene. We have been discussing this in the office for the past week and here is our top 5 picks to visit in Chicago!


The Publican


One of our first stops will be The Publican who’s Anna Posey recently won a rising star at the 2015 Chicago Rising Star Awards. From what we hear Anna, Cosmo and Rebekah have over 100 different types of beer and an some excellent pork beef. For a couple of Irish guys the sound of plenty of beer and bacon is too good to miss!!


Girl & The Goat


Our second stop is going to have to be The Girl & The Goat. Something good is definitely going on here and we don’t want to miss it. Chef Stephanie Izard won Bravo’s Top Chef. The style and flavour she brings to food is something we cant wait to experience after pouring over the menu all week.


Lula Cafe



Our next stop will be the Lula Cafe , in the heart of Logan Square. They have a big variety of vegan food that we would like to try. Lula Cafe (@lulacafe) is one of the forerunners of “Farm to Table” movement of Chicago with more than 15 years giving quality food to all their customers. Having run Nude restaurants here in Dublin for years with a focus on quality, healthy and nutritious food we can wait to experience this Chicago style! One really nice detail about Lula Cafe is that on Monday´s night they host a weekly creative fixed price dinner for $42, which in 15 years has never once been the same. So we hope to see you guys on Monday night!

Hub 51



We are presuming at some stage on our trip were going to need some dance time! and for that we decided to check out Hub 51 (@hub51) for some really good cocktails and to dominate the dance floor. One great thing in this bar is that you can start your night at Hub 51 and then end the night at Sub 51 (disco). As R.J Melman and Jerrod say on their twitter bio: Start your night here, end your night here!.


Intro Chicago



The final stop will be the Intro Chicago one of the hottest new restaurants in Chicago. What makes Intro Chicago so special? Every 3 months they change their Chef , so its never the same food or taste. This time Chef Erik Anderson (@airick72) will be there, so were looking forward to seeing what he brings to the place.

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