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Create profiles for your suppliers and equipment

Know whats happening with your suppliers and equipment.

Manage your suppliers more effectively and track store equipment with Bizimply profiles
You can now add more information about your suppliers. Who the contact person is, what equipment they are responsible for, upload documents to their profile and see a history of any issues recorded against them.

Equipment profiles can also contain a picture of the equipment, any particular details, documents such as receipts or warranties and all the issues that your staff have recorded.

Head Office Suppliers


Create Supplier Profiles on Bizimply

At head office you can create and update the suppliers that are used in all of your stores.



Store Equipment

At store level, you or your managers can add the equipment used in each location.


Create Equipment Profiles on Bizimply

Creating equipment profiles allows you to record any issues against the equipment. You can also show which supplier is responsible for the equipment, add a photo and upload important documents.


Track equipment issues, see who the suppliers are and upload documents.

Here at Bizimply we’re trying hard to keep releasing new, important features and we hope to release a few more in the coming weeks. Thank you for your time and don’t forget that if you need anything just hit the “Ask Bizimply” button or email [email protected].

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