Mullins Totalhealth Pharmacy Case Study

Mullins Totalhealth Pharmacy choose Bizimply to help manage their businesses. They want to improve scheduling and better manage compliance.
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Labour costs and scheduling pharmacy staff are two of the biggest headaches for managers in the industry. Creating an appropriate staff schedule within budget is a difficult balancing act, and one that takes up a great deal of time. Taking control of these two challenges can bring so much more to your pharmacy business by making huge savings in both time and money.

We caught up with Lorna Mullins, Supervising Pharmacist of Mullins Totalhealth Pharmacy in County Cork, Ireland to find out how her business and operations have improved since she joined forces with Bizimply to take back control of people management.

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Before Bizimply:

How Mullins Pharmacy created schedules before Bizimply:

“We used to create schedules using an Excel sheet on a monthly basis. This was really messy because it constantly had to be reviewed as availability changed. This led to an abundance of paper being stored, which at times, created a lot of confusion around who was supposed to be working and when they were meant to be working.”

How Mullins Pharmacy tracked performance before Bizimply: 

“We tracked attendance using the Total Health timesheets. Employees would sign the sheet upon arrival & again when they were leaving. However it was often the case that people would forget to sign-in or out which meant I would be constantly chasing people for accurate timesheets, it was just a lot of hassle. It is also meant that even more paper had to be filed & stored.”

After Bizimply:

The improvements Mullins Pharmacy have noticed since they implemented Bizimply: 

“There have been a lot, it has freed up a lot of time for me personally to focus on the more important aspects of the business. If I had to list a few though they’d be:

A lot less paper to file, store, and correct.”

Bizimply offers unlimited digital storage of essential employee and HR documents on our cloud-based platform. Never again get lost under a mountain of paperwork in the back office, and easily access important information like training/qualifications of staff online.

“I now have easy access to records such as breaks & when people worked so to be fully compliant should the WRC ever arrive.”

Compliance is key to uphold for a pharmacy business. Bizimply provides auto compliance checks and alerts during the scheduling process to ensure managers are not over or under-scheduling staff. Live attendance means that Bizimply users can check exactly how long staff worked in comparison to scheduled hours, and Bizimply keeps secure, exportable records for instant review.

“Bizimply recently released an Attendance Questionnaire which I use as my COVID-19 Questionnaire for part-time staff who might only work once a week which is really useful.”

Our recent pre-shift questionnaire allows employers to survey their staff before they clock in. One way to take advantage of this is by using the survey to perform important COVID-19 health checks so that staff can declare their lack of symptoms before they start working.

“I’ve noticed that staff are a lot more punctual as live attendance is recorded.”

Bizimply records when staff clock in and out down to the minute thanks to our Timestation App for iPad. Managers can get a live overview of who is clocked in, and our optional photo capture feature prevents staff clocking in on behalf of someone else.

“The support has been great from everyone at Bizimply, they really work with you to make sure you are getting the most out of your account!”

Every business that signs up for Bizimply, no matter the size, will be paired with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will guide managers through the account creation process, and ensure that your business is getting the most out of Bizimply.

If you’re looking you bring operational excellence to your pharmacy business, look no further than Bizimply for all your scheduling, attendance and HR needs.
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