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Time Off from Mobile: MyZimply 3.2.0 

This month, we were so excited to release MyZimply 3.2.0 which saw the addition of the Time Off tab. Now from their phones, employees can not only request time off but also see approved and declined time off requests.

How does in-app time off requests work?

Employees can now submit leave and time off requests within our mobile app with a simple click! 

All they have to do is:

  1. Go to the MyZimply mobile app
  2. Head to the ‘Time Off’ tab
  3. Click the ‘Request Time Off’ button
  4. Enter the relevant details of holiday type, dates and any extra notes they need to add
  5. Hit Submit, voila! 

Simple right?!

Note: Account administrators can use the Settings to allow employees to see their time off balances (including hours/days available, hours/days taken, hours/days booked) depending on company policy. 

Daily Task Lists 

In the first of many updates to the Daily Task Lists, account administrators will now see a number of changes to make the functionality easier to use.

Task lists can now be moved and re-prioritised by holding and dragging the task. We’ve added a hyperlink from the title of the task to get you into the editing of the task quicker. 

Edits and deletions of individual items within a task list can now be done, making it more efficient to continuously amend task lists as your business changes. 

Daily Task List in Bizimply Account
Ability to Edit & Delete tasks

What’s coming up?

Updated Account Access

See your employee’s access to Bizimply with the updated Account Access page!

Formally called ‘Roles’, the page name will be changed to Account Access. This page will give account administrators valuable information in a list view of the type of access that all users have to Bizimply. Admins can use the search box to quickly search an individual employee. 

Tables are split between Location Access and Location Group Access with information including last sign in, group and role. 

The great benefit of this new feature is the amount of time that an account administrator will save by not having to go into each individual employee profile. 

See employee locations

What a round up! Stay tuned for next months feature updates.

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