Managing Pubs With Bizimply – Dominion Hospitality Testimonial

Dominion Hospitality owns 24 hotels & inns across the south of England. Their entire workforce is now managed using Bizimply. This is their success story.
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Why Are UK Pub Groups Choosing Bizimply to Help Manage Their Multi-Location Businesses?

Pubs aren’t just competing with other pubs, bars or coffee shops these days: they need to offer customers a reason to come out for food and drink at all. And, say workforce management specialists Bizimply, providing outstanding customer satisfaction is what gives pubs the competitive edge over Deliveroo and Netflix.

Bizimply works with 33,000 employees across 2,500 hospitality sites, providing operators with an easy-to-use solution to staff rota and payroll management. Freeing GMs from these back office tasks allows them to spend more of their time front of house, managing and coaching their teams and interacting with customers to deliver a memorable customer experience.

Dominion Hospitality owns 24 pubs and hotels and directly manages eight of them, with more than 200 team members. They have worked with Bizimply since 2019.

Managing director Drew Brown says: “Before we started using Bizimply, our GMs were spending hours sorting out staff rotas and payroll. It was a frustrating experience for them and for their teams and it meant they were tied up in the back office instead of managing their pub from front of house, where they can deliver the most value.

“With Bizimply, team members are getting their shifts further in advance, improving their work-life balance and overall morale, and GMs can create rotas in minutes not hours. Timecards recording hours worked are transferred automatically to payroll, so GMs don’t need to get involved any more.

“The objective of all this wasn’t to contain labour costs, but to make sure we had the right level of staffing: having too few staff is worse than having too many as it can lead to poor customer service and lost business.

“Bizimply has proved the perfect solution for us, as a medium-sized, multi-location business, enabling us to manage staff as effectively as any of the giants in the sector.”

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