June Roundup is in! See the latest feature updates at Bizimply

It's that time again! You may have spotted some key product upgrades and brand new tools this month in your Bizimply account!
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jUNE bizimply product round up

Expand the schedule view 

Sometimes, you need to see less detail and more of the bigger picture. That’s exactly what we have done with the new view option in the schedule. 

Schedule users can now expand their schedule view to see more of the schedule on their screen without having to scroll. Simply the new ‘expand’ icon up on teh top right of your schedule beside the schedule name. 

Bizimply schedule expand view
Schedule Expand View

Account Access 

Formally called Roles, the page name is changed to Account Access. This new page is so useful for Account Administrators; see what access levels users in Bizimply have in the most simplest way! Admins can use the search box to quickly search an individual employee. 

Tables are split between Location Access and Location Group Access with information including last sign in, group and role. 

The great benefit of this new feature is the amount of time that an account administrator will save by not having to go into each individual employee profile. 

Bizimply Account Access Groups
Account Access Groups
Bizimply Location Access Group
Location Access Group

Enhanced platform speed and security 

We continuously strive to enhance the performance and usability of Bizimply for our users. This month, we made the change to emailing reports to users instead of having them downloaded straight to your PC. Not only will this enhance the speed of the report generated, but it will ensure that reports are only sent to the email address of the user who is logged in, adding another layer of security to the process. 

In a further effort to enhance the site speed, we have moved the ‘Dashboard Metrics’ to a separate page when viewing in the ‘All Locations’ view. Keep an eye out over the coming months for our new permanent update to the Dashboard – this is the first step of many to make your Dashboard more usable and customisable to you. We’re excited about this one. 

Employee Export Report 

When exporting the Employee Export report, Account Administrators can now see additional filters. You will also be able to select an individual employee. This will enhance the speed of the report and also allow for more selective reporting of data. 

Bizimply Employee Export Report
Employee Export Report

Update Employee Profiles: Additional fields added 

We took our customer feedback onboard and added additional fields to the ‘Update Employee Profiles’. Account Administrators can now use the ‘Update Employee Profile’ functionality to update weekly pay rate, payroll department, company code and any custom fields that have been created. This will be really helpful to complete the population of employee HR profiles that perhaps were not completed upon account creation. 

Bizimply Update Employee Profiles
Update Employee Profiles

Get excited about….

Employee unavailability is coming to Bizimply. Coming soon, employees and managers will be able to add unavailability records for each employee to the schedule. This can be a once off unavailability record or a recurring unavailability record. Different from unpaid time off, this functionality will be useful for marking days that staff simply aren’t available to work – students or parents on weekly school runs. Entries can be added by the employee from their Employee Portal or by their manager or supervisor. 

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