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HR for restaurants
HR for restaurants
HR for restaurants

Bizimply is specifically designed for multi-unit locations, with the facility to set up multiple locations and district managers. This ensures structured reporting and better control.

Bizimply’s consumer style UI (User Interface) is as easy to use as e-mail and can be set up in a matter of minutes. This means that businesses can spend less time learning how to use new software and more time getting things done.

Bizimply can integrate with all EPOS systems and work even if the business doesn’t have an EPOS system.

Bizimply is a completely cloud based solution so there is no hardware to install.

Bizimply has been designed specifically with the tablet and smartphone in mind, empowering managers on the shop floor to use the system when they are front-of-house

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Why are thousands of businesses switching to Bizimply?

From large chains to independent operators, Bizimply is the #1 WFM solution.

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