How you can use SaaS to leverage growth

From social media marketing to the Internet of Things, technological advancements have revolutionised the way businesses are conducted today. One such tool that companies can use to grow their businesses is SaaS
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2020 wasn’t an easy year for anyone, but businesses in particular continue to be at the forefront of falling victim to hardship. Reframing how to approach these hardships; many businesses have realised that flexibility combined with the ability to make fast decisions is essential in order to survive the times ahead. To facilitate growth of your business, implementing a workforce management software has also become a must-have. 

In 2021, we have seen a huge increase in demand for cloud technologies as businesses want to eliminate their pain points and have the affordable and effective solutions to recover, build resilience and grow. By the end of 2021, predictions highlighted by IDC FutureScape 2021 report that COVID-19 will lead 80% of organisations to make the shift to cloud management software twice as fast before the pandemic. They also shared that “CIOs must accelerate the transition to a cloud-centric IT model to maintain competitive parity and to make the organisation more digitally resilient.”

We know the challenges faced by shift-based managers when it comes to organising their employees. That’s why we believe the implementation of a WFM software can lead your business to being more efficient, leveraging your growth all whilst incorporating open and engaging communication amongst your workforce. A real roadmap to success. 

With more free time to perhaps spend on the floor, boosting morale of your employees, brainstorming new ideas or just giving you the space you need to exert your efforts on other areas of the business, cloud WFM will enable you the opportunity to strategise for success. Time saving is a major benefiting factor as drawing up rosters can be done in a flash, no more manual data entry and time and attendance information goes straight to payroll! The software also provides data insights on sales and labour, compliance measures, budgets and various reports – all in an easily accessible location within the account.

How can I benefit from that data?

Analytics like these will provide you with business insights on areas that need improvement to increase efficiency of your business. You can gain accurate labour costs, identifying areas where you can reduce excessive costs as well as having that extra time to create a roadmap to growth.

As recent* statistics have shown WFM software is becoming more of an integral part of the business and the investment will serve you with long term savings and (insights?).

How does Bizimply do this?

-Drag and drop scheduling: create and cost error-free rotas in minutes with an automated scheduling system.  Schedule staff by location, department and position.

-Payroll Ready Timesheets: With Bizimply you can cost timesheets and send them to your payroll software and run your payroll in minutes.

-Track Time & Attendance: Bizimply cool photo-verified and GPS Clock-In features makes time theft a thing of the past

-Automate what was manual: Remove manual processes and take the guesswork out of managing overtime costs.

-Mobile apps: Employee and manager apps for receiving real time schedule, attendance and shift information.

-3 suites: being able to manage all WFM operations from one place will help your business run more efficiently and leverage that growth

2021 is the year to delve deeper into your budgeting options without creating sacrifices that could damage your current employee status. Cloud-based WFM software creates a cost-effective but resilient future for your workforce.

Employee engagement helps create connection

A study by McKinsey Global Institute revealed productivity improves by more than 20% when employees feel connected through regular communication with colleagues and their managers. When managers fail to elicit a welcoming workplace culture that includes communication, they already put themselves under threat of losing staff – 62% of employees who leave a workplace do so because of a lack of communication. 

While there’s no denying the importance of how and when you communicate with your staff, another key consideration lies in what you’re saying, and how your messages and methods impact employee engagement. Having a team of fully engaged employees is a valuable asset that should be cherished by any manager and a definitive way to make every shift run like clockwork.

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