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Take your business with you, wherever you go! We are so excited to be launching our new mobile app for managers. Business done simply – that’s Bizimply’s mission.

Bizimplys’ mobile app for managers allows you to:

  • Manage your business on the go
  • Monitor attendance, sales and day to day information/issues from anywhere for all your locations
  • Full employee directory allowing you to contact any team member instantly from the manager’s app
  • Live attendance information for all your locations
  • Available for both IOS and Android.

“The ability to have staff information in the palm of your hand and instantly keep up to date with what is happening in all locations of your business takes management to the next level. If the day-to-day is easier for your managers, your customers will see the benefit.” – Gerard Forde, CEO of Bizimply.

Bizimply’s mission is to simplify your business. With the mobile app for manager’s we are looking to create a more effective way to work  – for you, for your managers and for your dedicated staff.

If this excites you why not start your free Bizimply trial today and start optimizing how you manage your business.

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