Hospitality Trends That Are Here To Stay

The Hospitality Industry has been reshaped forever! Restrictions and new working models have shaped our behaviours and started new trends.
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Hospitality trends

The latest hospitality trends have shaped the industry in a way that peoples experiences’ have been completely revolutionised. The pandemic fast tracked many of these trends and the others were a result of getting creative in order for the industry to survive. Perhaps it was time for the hospitality industry to be reshaped and approached differently? Read on to see the Hospitality trends that are here to stay!

Digital Technology

In particular, workforce management software is being used to optimise the productivity of an organisation’s employees. A study from McKinsey has quoted that; “COVID-19 has sped up digital transformation and technologies by several years and is here for the long haul.” The pandemic has created a landscape for technology and has seen it as a helpful means of engaging with customers, allowing some workplace flexibility, and for a way to introduce automation and faster processes. 

QR Codes

QR codes create a touchless dining experience in any restaurant, coffee shop or bar that you go to. The original intention of these codes were to encourage customers or guests to locate information of the business on their website, but since the pandemic their use was enhanced to stop the spread of covid as it limits guests or customers from having to touch anything. They are easy to get online and the organisation just has to enter their web address or landing page link to the QR code – simple! They will definitely be a continued use in the hospitality and tourism industry.


There is a huge drive to reducing carbon footprint today, especially with the current climate crisis that lingers. Younger generations feel strongly about the sustainability movement and are more inclined to support businesses’ who appear to be taking a step towards sustainability and being more environmentally friendly. Therefore, businesses’ need to get onboard and implement ethical processes from supply chains, upcycled furniture, recyclable packaging and reducing their waste. 

Outdoor Dining

Al Fresco dining is here and I’m all for it! Why wouldn’t you want to feel like you’re away on holidays when you’re only five minutes from your house? Now, when it comes to winter that could be a different story! Many restaurants have been provided with grants to accommodate outdoor dining or seating areas and customers have been impressed. When normal service resumes, it will also allow for extra occupancy within the premises. 


2020 forced us all to have a different outlook on our health and wellbeing. Perhaps a blessing in disguise for us to prioritise what really matters the most, which is our own health and looking after ourselves. There are many different ways people enjoy spending personal wellbeing time but the tourism industry can enhance this by upping their spa and wellness platforms, putting on more wellness events as this trend continues.

This pandemic has forced the hospitality industry to boost creativity and innovation in order to stand out from the competition. It has also tested the ability of owners and operators to differentiate. Consumers are now processing new habits and customs which may become part of our lives for the foreseeable. Will we go back to normality? That depends on how we define normality.

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