Hospitality Sector’s Heroic Response To Healthcare Workers and the Vulnerable

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Hospitality heroes have been going above and beyond for communities across the island. 

The hospitality sector is known for its strong positive attitude and culture, and in the midst of an ongoing healthcare challenge, businesses showing why exactly how they earned that reputation. 

The strand of coronavirus, covid-19, has presented a unique challenge for  health-care workers and the most vulnerable in our country. With the hospitality sector facing its own unique set of challenges, restaurants, pubs, cafes and other members of the industry are showing exceptional leadership in the midst of a global pandemic through assisting these health care workers and the elderly in any way they can.

Hospitality is renowned for being an industry that will help in times of need. These are only some of the businesses that are stepping up to help: 

Camile Thai

Camile Thai’s mission is to spread the joy and healthy traditions of Thai food across the island of Ireland by using high quality and calorie counted dishes. They’ve also decided to aid the mission of health-workers on the frontline working in hospitals! Camile Thai refused payment for this order as they delivered food to workers in Dublin’s Mater Hospital.

Brother Hubbard

With a location in Capel Street and Temple Bar, Brother Hubbard opened its doors in 2012 to provide ‘simple pure and interesting’ delicious dishes to the people of Dublin. Brother Hubbard, like many hospitality locations across the country, found themselves closing their doors temporarily in the interest in public health. In an act of leadership in a challenging time, Brother Hubbard made the decision to rehome their fresh produce to the elderly in Ireland who are currently advised not to leave their homes. All of this was done with a huge smile on their faces! 


Ireland’s famous fast food restaurant and takeaway, Supermacs is lending their expertise to the frontline staff working in hospitals. In a press release, the fast-food chain said they would generously provide free meals to healthcare workers in, “recognition and appreciation for the efforts” that were being made. 


Chopped have been doing excellent work to help feed the heroes on the frontline by delivering large batches of free healthy meals to The Mater Private, St. James, Beaumont, Tallaght, Our Lady of Lourdes, and Conolly Hospitals’ healthcare workers. Brian Lee, the owner of Chopped, personally delivered food himself in a great show of solidarity with the healthcare workers. 


Dominos and Feed the Heroes worked together to feed the health care workers at Tullamore Midlands Hospital yesterday!

Staff at Tullamore Midlands Hospital have thanked the Feed The Heroes campaign that aimed to give some relief to frontline workers. 

Hussey Fruit and Veg 

Since 1947, Hussey Fruit and Veg have been supplied the island with fresh produce. The company is helping restaurants, pubs and cafes rehome fresh produce to the elderly free of charge. 

Vintage Kitchen
Sean Drugan from the Vintage Kitchen, which has one location, has been fueling the medics and the staff of Beaumont Hospital. 

Meanwhile, those who cannot help directly have been donating to the #Feedtheheroes campaign that is running on social media. That campaign has reached nearly €200,000 in donations to feed healthcare workers while, at the same time, has helped keep businesses open to facilitate large scale food distribution. If you are in a position to help you can donate here: 

Now that you’re here…

All of us in Bizimply have worked in the hospitality and retail sectors, many of us for years. We worked as bar staff, as kitchen porters, baristas, shop assistants – the list is endless. 

We understand running around the shop floor to cover breaks and we get travelling from one location to sort problems out. Your love for food, drink and customer service is the reason you got into the hospitality industry and it’s the reason we got into the hospitality industry too.

Our message to you is simple: we are here with you. 

Together. We are living in a moment of time that may define a generation, or it may not – and whether it does or does not, we will continue to make Bizimply better.

We will continue to support your workforce management efforts into the future and that is why we are reaching out to you today. 

With the ever-changing news regarding the Covid-19 virus, we want to let you know that we are here to help, whatever that means for you and your business.

Remember, you can always contact us via our live-chat, our online help centre or by emailing support and below, we have included what we think are some helpful tips within Bizimply for your business right now.

We are with you, all the way. 


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