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Today we are announcing one of Bizimply’s most exciting releases in 2020: the GPS Clock-In feature.
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Recently we unveiled one of Bizimply’s most exciting releases for 2020: GPS Clock-In. Easy to use for both managers and teams, this new feature will allow your business to gain flexibility while maintaining accuracy in the way your people clock-in.

GPS Clock-In will allow your team to sign in through their mobile device on the MyZimply app. For companies who have staff shared across multiple locations, the GPS Clock-In feature will compliment your existing Bizimply timestation by adding another way for your staff to clock-in by using the MyZimply app. 

GPS Clock-In: Designed with Efficiency in Mind

As a manager, you will now have extra safety in knowing when and where your staff is clocking in from. All while reducing paper timesheets, and increasing team accountability.

As a manager, allowing your staff to clock-in through their phone when they enter one of your locations will add to productivity by removing potential hurdles for your team. Those hurdles might be travel time to your Bizimply timestation which may be in a hard to reach places like a storeroom or a back-office. 

GPS Clock-In will help your team start work faster, reserving their energy for a positive customer experience. Your staff will be able to see their last clock in record on MyZimply too. 

Remote Work

For cleaning companies or event companies, GPS Clock-In is perfect for your staff who need to clock-in from different locations, or where your current clock-in system is in a location that is difficult or timely to reach. 

This feature is all about accuracy: when your team clocks-in or out, you will be able to see their clock-in time, date and location instantaneously if you’re the account administrator. Operators for cleaning and event work will be able to set budgets that reflect the amount of time a job will take. 

As an account administrator, you might want to have this feature on for specific team members. Our product and development teams have designed this feature so you have the ability to turn the function on or off for specific staff. 

Whether you decide to roll this feature out to all your staff, or a select few, you can choose to turn off the ability for certain staff to clock-out for their break.

You may like to turn on this feature for some staff and not others. To give you more flexibility, we have designed the feature to give you control of who can avail of the GPS clock-in system. 

Get a head start! See how you can implement the GPS Clock-In by click here.  

While this is also a fantastic feature for minimising the transmission risk of the coronavirus by allowing your staff to clock-in remotely, the feature is equally usable for operations managers on the go or staff working remotely, allowing them clock-in and allowing their attendance to be tracked. 

Made For You

Whether you’re using GPS clock-in for remote or mobile managers, to reduce coronavirus transmission risk or to help team members sign-in efficiently, either way, the GPS clock-in feature can help you manage your business effectively.

Note: Your team’s location will only be recorded when they are clocking in and clocking out.

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