Getting Back To Business In The UK – A Bizimply Guide

Here's a quick guide and a list of resources on ways for owners and managers to get back to business in the UK.
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Back in Business

After a long period of uncertainty, there is huge excitement from both employers and customers, as the UK prepares itself for the grand reopening.

This step by step guide will help you get everyone back in business seamlessly with Bizimply.

Step 1

Refresher courses are a great way to get your employees back in the game using Bizimply. Sending our Employee Handbook to your employees & The Basics of Bizimply to your managers is a good place to start.

Step 2

Check permissions and access of returning and new employees.

Step 3

Make sure your employees have their login details & timestation PIN.

Step 4

Update training and re-onboard your employees if necessary.

Step 5

Create Task Lists to manage Covid-19 compliance.

Step 6

Implement Covid-19 health checks prior to each shift using Bizimply’s attendance questionnaire

Step 7

Introduce remote clock in via MyZimply app or Web Portal when necessary.

Bonus Tip ⭐

Save time by allowing your employees to request time off on our Web Portal.

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