October Feature Releases at Bizimply

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Welcome to the spooktacular October edition of Bizimply’s product round-up! 

Check out the range of amazing features we have released this month to see how you can use Bizimply to thrive as a business.  As you know, here at Bizimply we are always improving our system to help you simplify business processes.

Check out the latest updates below 👇

Labour Costs Dashboard Permission 🔐 

We have introduced a new dashboard permission to increase the control you have over what your staff members can and can’t see. Found within the ‘Account Access’ section of Bizimply, Account Administrators can now choose whether they want their Managers or other roles to have access to the Labour Costs shown on the dashboard. As this varies from business to business, we wanted to give our customers that flexibility and added control over who exactly can view the labour costs. Check out this new dashboard permission below! 👇

Labour Costs Dashboard Permission

Time Off Requests Report ⏰

This month, we were delighted to announce the brand new Time Off Requests Report which can be found within the Employee Reports section of Bizimply. Both Account Administrators and custom roles (who have been given the correct permissions) can now pull a report containing information of all their employee’s time off requests. This new report offers users a quick and easy way to find out the status of their employee’s time off requests, whether that is:

  • Approved ✅
  • Declined ❌ 
  • or Pending 🔄
Time Off Requests Report

Usability Improvements 👤 

With our customers in mind, we have recently made some usability improvements to enhance your experience as a Bizimply user! The first is accessing an employee’s profile via hyperlink when the schedule is locked. When a schedule is locked, the user can now quickly access an employee’s profile by simply clicking the employee’s name on the schedule making the process a lot more seamless.

Character Countdown was the next usability improvement that was added throughout Bizimply. When filling in a text box that has a maximum amount of characters allowed, a character countdown now displays exactly how many characters can be used and also have been used so far making it much easier to plan your messages.

Get excited about… 

Forecasts Refresh 📈

At Bizimply, we have been busy working on making improvements to our Forecasts feature for our customers and we can’t wait for you to see the first of many. What we like to call the ‘Forecasts Refresh’ will see a better way to forecast your Labour Sales %, automated calculations and much more! Be sure to keep an eye out for our Forecast related emails with all the details 👀

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