August feature releases at Bizimply

The August product round-up is in! You may have spotted some key product upgrades and brand new tools this month in your Bizimply account!
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Bizimply Product Roundup

MyZimply 3.3.3 📲

We are delighted to announce the release of MyZimply 3.3.3 this month and hope you are as excited about it as we are! This version includes a lot of usability improvements to help improve your employee’s experience while using the app including ability to edit profile photo and additional employee information added to the Profile tab. Most notably, it includes the highly anticipated push notifications feature. When an employee enables push notifications, they will now receive a notification alert on their device whenever a new schedule has been published and shifts have been allocated to them. 

This means employees are instantly notified of any changes to their work schedule and can access it easily with just a tap of their finger! 

MyZimply 3.3.3
MyZimply Notifications

Training Records Update 📅

We have been working hard on updates to the Training Records feature on Bizimply that you are going to love. These updates will allow you to set a due date for your employee’s training, mark the training as a requirement for new starters and have the ability to show upcoming training records. The amount of notice you are given in the Training Due on the dashboard has been extended up to 90 days! 

Training Records Update

Starter Report Update 📊

You asked, we listened! When exporting the Starter Report, users can now see four additional columns added to the end of the report containing the new employee’s payroll information. You will now see whether the new starter is paid hourly or a salary, what their hourly or weekly pay rate is and what their contracted hours are as filled into the employee’s payroll tab in their employee profile. 

An excellent addition to this report detailing very important payroll information about your new starters 🙌

Starter Update Report Bizimply
Starter Report

Labour Cost Report 📉

At Bizimply, we are always striving to ensure our customers can track their costs as accurately as possible and our new Labour Costs Report helps users do just that. This new report, which can be found within the ‘Metrics Reports’ section of Bizimply, allows you to pull a report of your true labour costs including the percentage added for local taxes. 

Less work with more accurate costs – it’s a yes from us! 👏

Labour Cost Report

Bulk Update Employee Profiles: Bank Details 📝

Taking customer feedback on board, we have now added the functionality to update all Bank Details information in your employee profiles in bulk. Found within the ‘Update Employee Profiles’ section of Settings, users can now quickly and easily bulk update their employee’s bank details in one singular import. 

This will be a very efficient way for you to update any employee HR profiles that perhaps were incomplete upon account creation while also saving you time! A win-win for all.

Bulk Update Employees Profile

Import Bulk Timecard Adjustments 🕐

Last but most definitely not least, we have introduced the ability for users to make adjustments to their employee’s Timecards in bulk. This means that Account Administrators can now import bulk adjustments to their employee’s timecards which can be applied to a choice of one of four pay types including Regular Hours, Public Holiday Hours, OT1 Hours or OT2 Hours. This update can be found in the Timecard Settings and will make your timecards experience much more seamless. 

Import Bulk Timecard Adjustments

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