November Round-Up! See the Latest Feature Updates at Bizimply

Check out the range of amazing features we have released this month to see how you can use Bizimply to thrive as a business. As you know, here at Bizimply we are always improving our system to help you simplify business processes. Check out the latest updates below 👇
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Employee Export Report for Managers 👩‍💼

You asked, we listened! One of our most popular reports, the Employee Export can now be exported by managers and other custom roles as well as by Account Administrators. We know that this report is key for HR managers which is why we have given you both the flexibility and choice to make it available to your managers meaning they can export employee information all in one report. As this is controlled by permissions,  the decision is completely yours 🙌

Check out this article to learn how!

Sales Import Update 💰

At Bizimply we like to keep things simple for our customers which is why we have made some important updates to the Sales Import. With this Sales Import update, we have included lots of usability improvements which makes importing your sales figures a much easier process. Most notably if you come across an issue during your import, you can now easily identify it using our new error list which outlines what went wrong and how to fix it. This will speed up the process and ensures that every shift runs like clockwork ⏰

Forecasts Permissions 🙌

This month you may have noticed our Forecasts feature had a refresh including some updated forecasts permissions. To give you extra control over who can edit different figures in your forecasts, we have introduced three new permissions which allow you to restrict who can alter the Sales Forecast figures, Sales Labour % targets and the target hours. Have a look below 👇

Updated tick boxes ✅

Last but not least, our tick boxes have gotten a makeover and we hope you love it as much as we do! We like to keep things fresh here at Bizimply which is why we have updated our tick boxes to be more user friendly. Sometimes it really is the small things that make all the difference. You can check out our new and improved tick boxes in both the employee’s Onboarding Checklists and the Daily Task Lists within Shift Log ✅

Get excited about… 

Cap Holiday Accruals ⏳

A highly requested feature is on the way! Soon you will have the ability to set a cap on Holiday Accruals. Ensure your hourly paid employees do not exceed the holidays balances agreed in their contract by setting a cap on how much they can accrue.

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