New Feature: Managing Time Off For Salaried Employees

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*Released for BETA*

Change your settings to accurately track your salaried annual leave allowance in days

The new Time off in days feature gives you the ability to manage the annual leave of salaried employees using the Bizimply Human Resources suite. 

Time off in days allows your business to change your Time Off settings to track employee time off as a standard allowance of days instead of accrued hours. All you have to do is input the standard amount of days that managers are entitled to in your business and you are ready to go. 

Bizimply provides user-friendly workforce management solutions, dedicated to helping managers run each shift like clockwork in tailor-made workforce, operations or human resource management suite. These simple, yet powerful suites have freed managers up to a full day in the office to navigate their floor. 

Right now we are helping Vodafone, KFC, Costa and Guinness reduce their labour costs and management time with our easy-to-use technology.

Making the time off process for managers quick and easy.

Businesses in hospitality, healthcare and retail are increasingly looking to manage annual leave/time off in an easy and accurate way. Thousands of businesses are harnessing HR solutions to improve the people management side in their business.

The Bizimply Time Off in Days feature provides businesses with the ability to accurately add time off for salaried employees in minutes! Admins to their Bizimply accounts can simply apply these changes by navigating to the Reports tab then followed by the Time Off section in their Bizimply account.

Learn how to time off settings work in Bizimply

Time Off in Days allows you to manually add or subtract time off in an employee’s profile too. While this feature is centred around efficiency, it also improves internal communications.

An employee can request time off on the MyZimply app before requesting Once a time off request has been approved; Admins can notify the employee with a message that the time off they requested has been granted with the functionality to show this time off on the administrator’s Bizimply schedule.


The salaried employee’s time off is shown in the video below . In this case, the employee received one paid day and one unpaid day. 

Holiday balances and employee time off reports. 

The employee time off report will show the time off for all of the employees within your business.

The holiday balance report now shows an update on how to export the report. Easily choose between accrued hours and a standard allowance of annual days. It will show you how many days your salary employee has taken to date, and how many they have left to take. 

Want to learn more? Give us a shout! Just head straight over to the messenger icon at the bottom right of your screen. We’d love to help you answer any of your workforce management questions! Big or small. 

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