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Richard Condon

About Me

My name is Richard and I’m part of the business development team here at Bizimply. I studied commerce in UCC and from there I did a masters degree in innovation that eventually led me to working in Bizimply.
As part of my masters degree, I was obliged to do a six-month internship. I was eager to work in a startup environment and could not have been luckier than to have landed an internship in Bizimply. At that time, Bizimply was based in a co working space with a number of great start-up companies and the sense of mission and camaraderie there was incredible! After I finished my last semester in the Netherlands, I returned to Ireland and was back working in Bizimply within two weeks.
A day in the life

My Typical Day At Bizimply

My typical day starts with a morning review to clear my mind and plan my day out. I’ll check the inbound leads, catch up on emails and set tasks. After this, there’s a team meeting that gets us in the right headspace for the day ahead. We’ll discuss how the previous day went and what’s coming on the horizon.
In the morning I’ll generally engage in some project work while I’m still fresh. As a young company, we’ve had to build out business processes and constantly reinvent them in order to keep moving forward. As part of my job, I get to look at how we build out the processes that allow us to effectively reach out and engage with prospective customers.
A large part of my job is reaching out to the right people and I do this by targeting businesses that match our notion of a perfect fit. It’s my job to reach out to these businesses, explain what Bizimply does and then organise an online walkthrough of the system.
A day in the life

My Favourite Part About Working With Bizimply

It’s a bit of a cliche but definitely one of the best things about working in Bizimply is working with great people. As a group, we’re pretty tight knit. We’ll often organise work events or go for a drink on a Friday night and getting to know people in this way makes work a much better experience overall.
With regard to my own job, the most rewarding aspect would have to be matching a great business to Bizimply and then seeing that business becoming a customer. It’s the definition of a win-win.

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