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Gavin O’Connell 

About Me

Howdy, I’m Gavin and I am on the BDR team at Bizimply. Prior to the Biz, I studied International Relations at DCU and spent a year abroad at Arizona State University. I then went on to get my Masters in Business and Management in TCD. I am also a huge Leinster fan and attend all their matches.

My Typical Day

I arrive in at about 8.30am, check my emails and catch up on the “goss” with my fellow Bizheads. We have a sales team meeting each day at 9.30am. This involves speaking about the previous days’ performance and our individual goals for the day ahead.
Much of my morning is spent dealing with the inbound leads that have come in during the night and early that morning. I like to blow off some steam during lunch hour by throwing around some tin in the gym with a fellow Bizhead, Tommy B.
Afternoons are spent either doing lead generation sprints with the team or prospecting high-value companies. The end goal of my activities throughout the day is to ensure that only the businesses that are a good fit for our product are passed along to the sales team.

My Favourite Part About Working With Bizimply

Without a doubt, the supportive working environment is the best part about Bizimply. Whether you require assistance with a project or are requesting new hardware, management are always there and willing to help.
Furthermore, at the end of each week, the team comes together and congratulates each other on their achievements. The overall level of comradery is like no other. It’s A-MA-ZING!

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