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Gonzalo Aune

About me

My name’s Gonzalo, I’m a Backend Software Engineer at Bizimply and I’ve been in the IT sector for the last 12 years working not only doing Backend Development but also Mobile, Dev Ops, and Database Administrator.
I’m originally from Argentina and came to Ireland a year ago for better opportunities. So far, I love the country, the people and most importantly, my job.
development team

My typical day at Bizimply

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee! After my second cup, I usually open my laptop, connect the peripherals and start the day by browsing the news.
Moving on, I open Slack and my favorite Ruby IDE Rubymine (sorry vimers) and check my Github issues queue for bugs if I don’t have anything else to work on.
Around midday, I go to the gym around the corner to do some weightlifting for less than an hour to stay fit and then get some food on my way back.
After lunch, we have our daily stand-up meeting where we discuss what everyone is working on and if we had any problems with the current work and what we will be working on, if anyone has a problem we try to solve it on the call, otherwise we get together on Slack and try to tackle any issues.
After a feature/bug is done/fixed, we push our changes to a staging environment and if everything goes according to plan, we create a Pull Request that will get reviewed by my peers and pushed to production.
My day ends mostly with another cup of coffee, what else right?
development team

My favourite part about working with Bizimply

I consider myself lucky to be working at Bizimply, not only I got to work with great people, I’m also learning a lot from each one of them, the human value is immense. I’ve only been here for 3 months but it feels like I’ve been here a full year. I love the possibility to work in a fast growing startup and help Bizimply get to more customers by developing new features.

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