A Day In The Life Of Customer Support

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Paul Shaughnessy

About me:
Hi, I’m Paul, Technical Success Manager in the Customer Success team at Bizimply. In terms of how I got here, education wise I studied Computer Science & IT which is where I would get my technical aspects from but I have also 7+ years experience working in the service industry. This includes working in bars, restaurants, and even a customer support center.
customer support
The experience I have gained working in these fields really help me understand not only how Bizimply can help in many different aspects of businesses (Employees knowing when they are working, managers being able to see information quickly) but also understand what is expected of me as many customers point of contact if they have issues or difficulties.
My typical day at Bizimply:
This is a good one, my days tend to be a bit all over the place at times. Makes the work all the more exciting. 🙂 I normally start with a coffee (optional, but recommended), check emails, follow up with any outstanding customers questions and get an outline of my tasks for the day. Then we have a stand up with the Success team to quickly explain what our day entails and that which we need to get done with each other. Some of the main tasks of my day would include:
– Training sessions
– Running webinars
– Testing aspects of the system & new features
– Troubleshooting issues with customers
– Reporting/tracking bugs
– Managing customer cases (These can be anything)
– Creating/updating help center articles
– Analysis of customer usage and internal KPI’s
– Managing my own Bizimply account (You have to know your own product)
– And now even blog posts 😉
My day generally follows the rule of handle the most important first, which means if there is a matter of importance it will have to be addressed first but nothing should impact on booked training sessions or webinars. I feel it’s important to have this flexibility since customers who are experiencing difficulties can call out of the blue and not only do they truly appreciate your quick help, you get to understand their usage of the Bizimply too.
At the end of the day I mark off the tasks I got done and make a note of those I’ve to follow up on the next day (hopefully none).
My favourite part about working with Bizimply:
The best thing about working anywhere I always find is the people, not only the customers who I can have a genuine chat about how they are getting on and how their business is going but also my colleagues. It’s strange how working in a small business that is quickly expanding can bring so many talented people together that seem to have the same interests, goals, and expectations.
It can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride at times as with many small tech companies that are at this stage, but keep in mind people do go on rollercoaster rides for entertainment and fun, I just happen to get that experience at work too. 🙂
Ah no… I’m really just in it for the swag.
Peace oouuut!!

Laura de la Court

About me:
Hello! My name is Laura and I’m part of the Customer Success team at Bizimply. After having worked in the tech industry for many years I found my calling in working with customers. I was very excited about the buzz around “the cloud” at the time and loved the idea of selling “solutions to people’s problems” rather than old, high-maintenance and high-cost software. Selling subscription-based cloud technologies was great!
customer support
The only downside was that after the sale was complete, my new customers were basically left to fend for themselves because I wouldn’t have the bandwidth to manage their success while achieving my own sales targets. The disappointment in seeing some of my best customers leave due to a lack of quality post-sales got me very interested in Customer Success and I threw myself into researching and learning all about it.
My past experience has definitely lead me to do this now – ensure Bizimply’s customers are able to gain the most value from the system, making their lives easier and happier.
My typical day at Bizimply:

I walk for 25mins to work every morning from Dublin’s City Centre, which is what sets me up for the day ahead. Blasting the latest pop hits on my headphones to hype myself up for all the calls, emails, business reviews and training I will be doing with customers during the day. My role requires me to be upbeat and cheerful first and foremost, but also to be a Bizimply product expert, an industry expert, a strategic thinker and a trusted advisor to all my customers.
I also work on projects internally to help create the workflows and processes for our best-in-class customer success team. There’s not a single day that’s the same which keeps me on my toes and excited for the days ahead.
My favourite part about working with Bizimply
The people of course! And this is 2-fold:
– My colleagues are my clan. I know I can count on them and they count on me. We are authentic, bold and passionate people all striving for 1 goal, to create the best product and services ever seen! (And it doesn’t hurt that we’re a good-looking bunch who know how to have a good time ????)
– Our customers are fantastic. It’s the ultimate pleasure to speak with people who are genuinely happy to connect with us, allow us into their worlds, and share with us their challenges and celebrations. It’s the most rewarding thing to play a part in their successes.
Every single day I clock into work with a smile on my face and clock out with one too. You can check out the pictures from the Timestation App, I promise it’s true! ????????
customer support

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