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Weekly forecast of schedule costs

Latest Product Update

The weekly forecast is new feature we are very proud of and have been getting great feedback on. As you may know, much of our team has vast management experience in the service industry – as such we’ve made many weekly team schedules and rotas! We understand that for managers, scheduling can be a balancing act between realizing the expectations of our team and the realities of our business.

Restaurants and retailers have always tried to control the cost of staffing, even more so in recent years. So it is not uncommon for our managers to be scheduling with a target number of hours and/or a target wage and salary base to consider. This can lead to a frustrating experience when scheduling as we constantly check if we have gone over budget, or ask what does each decision mean.

Costed Restaurant Schedule
Costed Restaurant Schedule

Above is our solution to the problem. Our weekly forecast is always visible to managers and it updates as they schedule so the impact of any decision made is always available. The forecast gives breakdowns of total hours, wage cost considerations – such as overtime, gross and net staff costs, holidays, tax and more – all in relation to targets that have been set for the business.

If there are special considerations about any staff member – a maximum number of hours they can work, an overtime rate, a day they can’t work etc – you will get a notification from the schedule.

It’s features like this that make our scheduling, not only the best and most user-friendly tool we’ve seen, but also have started to make scheduling fun and easy. Almost as much fun as it is to design and build these solutions!

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