Bizimply’s Product Releases for May

The months are flying around and our team have more product releases for you to get excited about this month!
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The months are flying around and our team have more product releases for you to get excited about this month!

Group Role Access to Forecasts Imports 🗣

This month we were delighted to introduce Group Role Access to Forecasts Imports. Previously exclusive for Account Admins, users with a Group Role are now able to access the Forecast Imports feature on Bizimply to upload and manage forecasts themselves once given the correct permissions.

This includes:

  • Forecast Sales Import 📈
  • Forecast Labour Sales % Import 📊
  • Forecast Hours Import 📉

Click here to find out more!

forecasts import

Yapster Integration App 🔁

We like to keep things simple for our customers which is why we added the Yapster Integration app to the App Centre. Do you use Yapster for Messaging? This integration allows Admins who use Yapster to set up and manage their Bizimply to Yapster integration themselves from within the Integration Management section of Bizimply. Click here to find out how! 


Tenzo Integration App 🤝

Last but definitely not least, our integration with Tenzo has also been added to our Integration Management. If you use Tenzo for analytics and forecasting, you can now set up and manage your own Bizimply to Tenzo integration from the Bizimply App Centre. Easily set up this integration to transfer employee timecard analysis data from Bizimply to Tenzo once a day.

Read all about it here!


Get excited about… 

Labour Hours Graph 📊

The Schedule Hours tab is getting an upgrade! This upcoming release means you will be able to view your labour hours data on a graph with a breakdown by position and versus your forecasted hours giving you a better overview of your resources to build more efficient schedules. 

Interested in these features? Upgrade today by getting in touch with your Account Manager. They’d love to help you excel further in your business to make every shift run like clockwork!

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