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Daily Task Lists Update ☑

This month saw some updates to the Daily Task Lists feature which is part of our Operations Management Suite on Bizimply. The latest updates means that now Account Admins can set a ‘Due By’ time for the daily task lists to be completed by to ensure managers complete all tasks on time. In addition to this, the Admins now have the ability to select which days the task lists must be completed, making it easier to manage task lists for specific days.

Take a look below 👇

Import Labour Sales % 📈

With customer feedback in mind, we introduced a brand new ‘Labour Sales %’ import to the Forecasts section of Bizimply this month. Through this latest release, Account Admins can import their forecasted labour sales % figures to multiple locations in one singular import on Bizimply. This makes forecasting easier than ever!

Take a look for yourself 👀

Labour Costs Dashboard Update 💰

The Labour Costs widget on the Dashboard was updated this month to include Labour Taxes (as set by you in your Company Settings) for both the Paid Labour & Scheduled Labour figures. This means that the labour costs match the Paid Labour displayed in the Labour Sales % widget found on the dashboard, allowing for more accurate costs.

Check out the Labour Costs widget below 👇

Forecast Sales Import Update 📊 

We take customer feedback on board here at Bizimply which is why the Forecast Sales Import has been updated to our customer’s needs. The recent update means that Account Admins can now import forecast sales for multiple locations in one singular import. This makes it both quicker and more efficient for you to forecast your sales 🤝 

Integration Management – Ezora  🔁

The final release this month was our Integration Management section which has been added to the Bizimply App Centre. It is here where Account Admins will be able to set up and manage integrations themselves from within their Bizimply account starting with the Bizimply to Ezora app. Customers who use Ezora already can now set up an integration to transfer employee timecard analysis data from Bizimply to Ezora seamlessly. A great way to manage your own integrations with more exciting apps to come!

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