Bizimply win both startup awards at the 2015 Web Summit

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Soooo we have some news 🙂

It’s been a busy week for the team here at Bizimply after an amazing Web Summit! On Tuesday we won our first pitch at the PITCH competition sponsored by Audi. This was Bizimply vs 6 other startups from around the world. Then on Wednesday we did it all again but this time we were against 10 startups. When we heard we got through to the final we were ecstatic! There were 1200 applicants from around the world and 200 companies were selected to enter the competition…  we had made the final 3!

Let’s do this!

This was our chance to get up on the main stage at the 2015 Web Summit and tell the world about who we are, what we do, and how we help some really great customers with their businesses.

The PITCH Final
The PITCH Final

Meanwhile we were also selected as 1 of the 3 companies who would compete for the ESB Spark of Genius award. The award focuses on high potential technology start-ups, and is open to all early stage Irish tech companies. So on Thursday we were pretty nervous to say the least but really excited! We did our Spark of Genius pitch at 10.40am on the Marketing Stage and then at 12.30pm we were up again on centre stage!


Mikey Pitching For The Spark Of Genius
Mikey Pitching For The Spark Of Genius


So what happened??

We found out – while Mikey was on centre stage – that we had won the ESB Spark of Genius Award!! This was surreal, we had just been awarded the best early stage tech company in Ireland and we were watching Mikey tell the world about what we do on centre stage at the Web Summit!

“My heart was racing, I had just come off centre stage and checked my phone to see that we had won the Spark of Genius! Next thing there was someone interviewing me about what I had just said on the stage and I couldn’t speak, all I could hear was my heart beating! It is an experience I will likely never have again.”
– Mikey Cannon

Gerard being interviewed after accepting the Spark Of Genius Award
Gerard being interviewed after accepting the Spark Of Genius Award


But wait… there’s more!

We were slowly settling back into reality as we, and hundreds of others, poured into Simmonscourt in the RDS for the announcement of the winners from The PITCH competition. Laughing, joking and messaging Mikey on slack while he hung out backstage getting ready for the results and commenting on “the SIZE of Rio Ferdinand!” we were not prepared for what happened next… and the winner is… Bizimply!

Ok so we had just won the Irish startup award and now there was Mikey, the big happy head on him, walking out on the centre stage to pick up the award for The PITCH competition. Out of 200+ possible companies it was us!

Mikey with Jan from Audi and Timo from Connecterra
Mikey with Nils from Audi and Timo from Connecterra


What now?

Needless to say we had an enjoyable night and we are all still on a bit of a high but very much back and focused on building something great for our customers. A huge thanks to Paddy and all at the Web Summit, ESB & Audi for sponsoring the awards but most of all to you and our customers. We are proud of our achievement but we would not exist without great customers who are willing to embrace change in their businesses. We will continue to work hard to create a better working life for owners, managers and employees who use Bizimply.

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