🎉 Employee Scheduling and Time Tracking: Bizimply is G2’s Summer 2023 Leader

We are proudly ranked as Summer Leader in Employee Scheduling and Time Tracking in Europe and UK in the most recent G2 Report.
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Bizimply has recently been named G2’s Summer 2023 Leader in Employee Scheduling and Time Tracking!

This acknowledgement places our product in the Leader quadrant of the Grid® Report, indicating high ratings and impressive Satisfaction and Market Presence scores from G2 users.

We have been working hard to create a product that resonates with the needs of our customers. That’s why we are extremely proud of this, as it reflects the positive reviews and feedback we have received from our customers. G2’s recognition, which is based on authentic and timely user reviews, serves as a testament to the quality of our software.

Bizimply it’s featured across seven award categories including High Performer in UK and Europe, Fastest Implementation, Easiest Admin and Easiest to Use. We are also Leaders in Mid Market and Small Businesses in Employee Scheduling and Time and Attendance. Solidifying our position among the world’s top software companies! 

The recognition as Leaders in Time Tracking Software Reviews came due to excellent customer satisfaction scores and significant market presence. 97% of users have rated our software with 4 or 5 stars, while 94% of users believe that Bizimply is headed in the right direction. Also, 92% of users expressed their likelihood to recommend Bizimply to others. 

Again, we have also achieved High Performer status in Workforce Management boasting high customer satisfaction ratings and strong performance relative to others in the category. 100% of users have rated it with 4 or 5 stars, and 100% of users believe Bizimply is on the right path, with a recommendation rate of 93%.

For nearly a decade, we have been dedicated to developing Bizimply to empower frontline managers. We wanted them to spend less time in the office dealing with spreadsheets, notebooks, and emails. My years of experience in the service industry helped me understand that there was a gap we could solve. This recognition, which directly reflects our customers’ feedback, couldn’t make me happier.

Gerard Forde, Founder at Bizimply

Bizimply earned its place on these lists because of customer feedback, including:

Bizimply reviews sourced by G2

You can familiarize yourself with G2’s approach and access additional reviews from Bizimply users by clicking here.

Bizimply enhances the way shift-oriented operators manage their business, optimising the entire people’s journey to make every shift run like clockwork! Bizimply is an All–in–one People Solution that changes forever the way shift-based businesses are managed. Bizimply incorporates functionalities such as; employee scheduling, time and attendance, payroll and shift reporting across multiple locations, combining all the day-to-day management requirements of these businesses into one easy-to-use cloud-based system.

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