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Bizimply is always building new features and improving our apps to make workforce, HR, and operations management simple! Below is a sneak-peak of 3 new features coming soon that we think you’ll love!
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Moorepay Timecard Export: Makes payroll easier than ever!

Payroll will be made easier with this new payroll integration

Do you use Moorepay to process your payroll? We are creating a new feature that allows you to export your Moorepay timecards with complete ease.

Bizimply helps your business save time and money. While we save hours for managers in processing payroll already, we want to make this even easier for customers using Bizimply’s integrated partner, Moorepay.

Once you activate your Moorepay app in your settings, you will be able to export your employee’s timecards for quicker and easier payroll processing.

Why not get a head start on implementing this new feature and check our the help article here.

Employee Profiles: Control the ability to View & Edit employee profile data 

Employees will be able to add and edit information in this new feature.

We love saving you time. That’s why we are creating a new feature to let your employees take control of their personal information in Bizimply.

This upcoming feature gives your employees the power to manage their personal data on their Bizimply account.

By clicking into the employee portal, employees can view their schedules, request time off and will soon be able to see and edit their own personal information stored on Bizimply.

This will save time for your Bizimply Administrators, allowing them to focus on the jobs that are the most important to them.

Get a head start by clicking here:

Controlling your Bizimply Admin Access 

Admin access can be changed to suit your needs with this new feature

Making someone an account admin on Bizimply has become easier than ever with this new administrative control feature.

As a Bizimply admin, we’ve made it even easier to control who has access to your account and personal data.

By clicking on the Roles tab on Bizimply, you will be able to see all current admins and have the ability to add new admins to your account.

When you’re adding a new administrator, they will receive a confirmation email so they can become an admin straight away.

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