Bizimply and Hospitality Mavericks Enter Partnership

- Joining forces to share strategies and tools that can make the industry thrive long term, not just survive.
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Hospitality Mavericks

Bizimply and Hospitality Mavericks believe that as an industry, we need to find new ways to become even more innovative: in how we lead our people, how we operate, how we grow our businesses and how we serve our customers. 

Bizimply and Hospitality Mavericks are therefore  joining forces  to celebrate society’s reopening, along with the comeback of our beloved hospitality industry. Through this partnership we will be developing content that shares strategies and tools that can help the industry thrive long term – not just survive. 

Bizimply will become the headline sponsor on the next 24 episodes of the Hospitality Mavericks  podcast show and we will conduct a joint research project into the frontline workforce and its new ways of working. 

Covid-19 has pushed businesses to embrace new ways of working, and that means we need to rethink how we engage and organise work in the frontline and at head office. Through the partnership  we will be studying and sharing  best practices from progressive and innovative brands and leaders from all over the globe, who are setting new and better standards of organising work for the frontline workforce. 

Previous podcast guests have included some of the industry’s most influential players, from independent, savvy operators to large national and global  players, to experts and thought leaders who inspire the audience and share strategies and tools to solve the challenges they are facing. 

CEO of Bizimply  Conor Shaws says we  are excited to work along with the Hospitality Mavericks team to welcome back 1 million people from furlough to serving customers again after too long a wait. We believe every shift should run like clockwork, and through the pandemic many businesses have been busy in serving their customers through new channels and routes to market. Many of these changes will be permanent and will now be integrated into the reopening of the traditional offerings. We are excited to work with the industry through this reopening period in optimising the experience for operators, their customers and most importantly their people. This will be a most exciting time to reopen an entire industry. Together we look forward to working with the industry to get everybody back and safely working effectively as quickly as possible.

Founder of Hospitality Mavericks Michael says that the partnership is a great  milestone for the show and it will put more power behind the Hospitality Mavericks mission  which is to inspire and support leaders to  build profitable businesses and workplaces which people love and support, and which have a positive impact on their community and the planet. 

Bizimply are an all–in-one people and shift management solution that changes forever the way businesses manage and engage with their employees. Bizimply helps to make every shift run like clockwork! 

To find out how Bizimply can enhance your business, head to:, reach us by email at: [email protected] or check out our social platforms! 

Hospitality Mavericks is leadership and talent consultancy who work with people-first leaders to develop and grow themselves and their teams to become unshakeable by unleashing their true potential to achieve extraordinary performance and positive impact on their people, communities and the planet. Find more about Hospitality Mavericks head over to  or just send us an email on [email protected].

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