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Being more efficient in times of change defines not only how you do business but also, how you and your team perform. Automating the small parts of your job will free up unnecessary time spent in the back office.

This week saw the release of the Invite Button, enabling managers to onboard new people with speed and ease. Additionally, and August saw the release of the Attendance Questionnaire.

Onboard Quicker with the Invite Button

Onboarding your employees has become easier with the Employee Invite Button. At just the click of a button you can invite new employees to Bizimply. By clicking the invite button, an email is sent directly to your new employee to create a password for their Bizimply account.

Your new employee can then enrol by clicking the blue ‘Create my Password’ button enabling them to log in to the employee portal in Bizimply. From here, they easily access their schedule, view and edit their personal details and request time off (according to your permissions).

For more on the invite button: click the link right here to learn more.

Managing COVID Risks with the Attendance Questionnaire

The Attendance Questionnaire allows businesses to ask employees questions prior to them clocking into work. Ideal for Covid-19 related questions or any other feedback required from employees prior to starting their shift. 

You can see some of the examples below if you are a Bizimply customer. Seeing the results of the report is easily done by logging into Bizimply and selecting the ‘Reports tab’ in the navigation bar.

Acting as a pre-shift checklist, administrators can create their own questions. There are countless ways to take advantage of our new Timestation functionality. 

For example, you can use the Attendance Questionnaire for an employee engagement survey. Your business can also ask up to ten questions like, ‘Are you feeling happy to start work’ or ‘Before you clock in, did everyone on the last shift leave the place clean?

See our new feature, the Attendance Questionnaire.

Learn how to set up the Attendance Questionnaire here.

Learn how to view the results of the Attendance Questionnaire here.

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