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Dear Customer and Friend,

What an unprecedented time we live in – global lockdowns, cross border cooperation, 24*7 news streams, businesses closed (hopefully temporarily), technology-enabled working from home – the world is changing so fast that it can be hard to keep up. 

At Bizimply we are witnessing incredible innovation and collaboration across our customers and friends in Hospitality, Retail and Care Services. We are working with you on how to keep your business afloat during these uncertain times, and we are also here to help you put your business “on ice” during this period. Please get in touch with our customer support team to let us know how you are planning and managing your business during these unprecedented times. We have a special programme of support ready for you (no matter which option you are choosing) to best protect your business and people during this time.

We can:

  • Repurpose your Bizimply account to the bare minimum to support a skeleton operation.
  • Spin up new locations, functions or add employees for those in food retail, logistics, pharmacies, healthcare and other critical services for society. 
  • Amend your account to support those innovating with new delivery/take-away options.
  • Enable remote clock-in for those workers able to work from home.
  • Provide timecard reports and holiday balances for an accurate statement of balances and liabilities.
  • Create a new category of furloughed time on your timecards to ensure record-keeping is maintained to make claiming and reporting simple.

We are:

  • Available to discuss and find a solution to your business problem
  • Running webinars to educate, demonstrate and advise how Bizimply can assist you as you scale down, but also make sure you, your people and your business is fit and ready for when things return to normal.

So whether you are an existing customer, about to kick off your Bizimply project or thinking of using this time to start a project, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements.

(UK) +44 203 642 5644
(IRE) +353 (1) 254 2524
(US) +1 716 226 1613
(CA) +1 778 807 9614

Email: [email protected]
Help Centre: Click Here
Twitter DM: @Bizimply
LinkedIn: Bizimply

Conor, Gerard and the Bizimply Team

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