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Marc Evans

About Me:

My name’s Marc and I’m an Account Executive on the Sales team here at Bizimply. As with most people (I’d imagine), I never started off with a plan to be in sales. I studied Commerce in UCD and worked in Marketing for about 3 years before I joined Bizimply. I actually applied for a Marketing job here and didn’t get it…

I was hired anyway and started off with a mixture of Marketing, Sales, and Support. Our jobs weren’t as defined a few years ago but I learned a lot more because of it – particularly about the product and problems our customers experience regularly. I think this gave me a good grounding for Sales as ultimately, it’s about solving a problem that our customers are experiencing!

My typical day at Bizimply:

Much like everyone before me, there’s no ‘typical’ day here for me. I like getting in early, putting in my earphones and planning my day for 30 minutes or so. Our team has a quick stand-up at 09:00 every day to quickly review yesterday, plans for the day ahead and where we are vs our weekly/monthly targets. We’ve 5 people working on Sales so it’s kept brief and to-the-point to avoid dragging on.
Having to do product demos, meetings and some training sessions means that my calendar/time doesn’t belong to me – which has its advantages and disadvantages.

I enjoy speaking with people from all over the world, finding out their problems and showing them how Bizimply can help. The downside is that it’s very difficult to set aside more than an hour or two to do non ‘reactive’ work.
Along with our close friends in Customer Support/Success – sales are the team that spend the most time speaking with customers. This gives us a good insight into what we’re missing in the product, so logging feature requests and sometimes even bugs can also take up a bit of time. Other meetings, one-to-ones, and general nosiness into other departments fills the rest of the gaps.

My favourite part about working with Bizimply:

The variety of the work. As I mentioned earlier, I started here under the impression that I’d work my way into more marketing, and I’ve since done marketing, support, sales and just about anything I can get my hands on – you couldn’t call it boring.
There’s also a great sense of camaraderie here, there’s been some highs/lows along the way and plenty more to come – but it’s great to see the hard work of everyone along the way turn an idea into a viable business.
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