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Matthew Pierce

About me

My name’s Matthew, and I’m the mobile developer at Bizimply. I like to think that I very much landed on my feet by getting a job in Bizimply. My background is both technical and business focussed so getting to work for a tech startup was pretty much the dream.
I studied Business & Computer Science for my undergrad and could never determine which one I enjoyed more, so always looked for avenues to satisfy both these interests. After college, I was lucky enough to land an internship in SAP’s Mobile Innovation Center where I got to work on the true bleeding edge of technology. This internship led the path to my job in Bizimply, where I have been happily working for a little over two years now.
development team

My typical day at Bizimply

Normally I start off my day by listing out the tasks I want to achieve in the day. These tasks are usually small parts of an overall feature that we are adding to one of our mobile apps.
After picking out one of these tasks, then I get into writing the code. This is most of my day, and it’s the part that I really love the most. These tasks that I list out at the start of each day usually add up to a new feature that we are bringing to one of our applications and after I deem the feature to be finished, it gets shared internally within Bizimply for testing.
While I love getting to build out brand new features for our apps, the reality is that this can’t be all of my day every day, there are other things to do.
Dealing with bugs found in our apps is the other side to mobile development. Based on how severe these bugs are, I either drop everything and work on a fix or make sure the bug is correctly recorded and added to our roadmap for future releases.
Meetings aren’t a prominent part of my day, which I like. However, the whole development team has a daily standup where we quickly talk through what we worked on yesterday, what we’re working on today, and if there’s anything that we’re stuck on.
development team

My favourite part about working with Bizimply

I don’t think there’s one single thing that I can attribute as being my favourite part of working here, I’d say it’s more the sum of all the parts.
I’ve been with the company for a little over two years now as I’ve already said, and seeing how much it has changed and grown has been an incredible experience. I really love the openness of our work lifestyle. There are no secrets. Everyone is happy to talk about what they’re working on and everyone is happy to listen to each other’s input into problems as well as directions that the company could go in.
The company is still very young and I think everyone working here has a part in shaping its future. Everyone is listened to, and there are no wrong answers.
The company is a living organism. It’s raw creativity. And the future is excitingly unknown.
Development team

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