8 simple ways to improve your customer service

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Exceptional customer service is probably the easiest way to ensure your business is a success and to ensure your customers keep coming back. Word of mouth recommendations and referrals are the lifeblood of new business

1. Can you make birthday cakes on site?

Imagine if there are 1000 people on site. Well then statistically there will be an average of more than 2 people per day will be celebrating their birthday. Make a disposable tray out of cardboard and tinfoil to display the cakes on.

2. Make your customers feel important.

Customers love to feel like they are getting a great deal. Why not offer a free “dessert of the day” with every main course bought.

3. Organize focus groups and customer committees.

This allows you to get direct feed back from your customers and develop a relationship with them, but be careful of what you agree, cost it out and make sure it is viable.

4. Customer surveys

Organize informal customer surveys, get another location manager to visit your location and distribute survey cards. Always follow up with an action plan based on customer recommendations and post this plan somewhere customers will notice.

5. React to complaints immediately

When a customer complains about the service they have experienced in your restaurant, accept the complaint professionally. Apologize to the customer immediately after hearing the complaint and offer to do something about it.

6. Learn from complains

One main reason why a customer’s complaint should be accepted with open arms is because customers see the part of service that you don’t. You can’t have eyes and ears on every aspect of your business at all times so customer feedback is invaluable, good and bad.

7. Be visible

Walk the floor at lunch time and ask your customers whether or not they are satisfied with the food, service and overall experience. You will be surprised how much this can influence the business and improve customer relations.

8. Never ever ignore a customer

Everyone is responsible for taking care of the customers. If a chef or porter is out front and there is no catering assistant around, they shouldn’t just ignore customers. Even if the chef or porter can’t serve the customer, the chef should still politely let the customer know that he or she will promptly find help.


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