7 tips to improve your management skills

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To be a great manager, you must have an extensive set of skills.Here are a few pointers that you should be looking at when it comes to managing labour in your unit.

Increase productivity by working smarter, not harder!

1. Scheduling

Are all your staff fully utilized – At all times? If not could they prepare sandwiches or dishes that you are currently purchasing pre-made.

2.Work Smarter

Don’t just assume that your staff don’t have the time to do the job. Sometimes it is just a case of working smarter. Usually the time it takes to do a job is directly related to the time you have available to do the job. Think about what every job your staff member are doing. Are there more efficient ways of doing the same job?

3.Labour patterns

Do labour patterns reflect sales patterns? Does your Friday labour appear excessive. Keep an eye on Fridays, when lunches are often quieter as people head home for the weekend. Do you schedule accordingly?

4.Too many staff?

Remember sometimes service levels can be affected by having too many staff. Too many staff can result in people simply hanging around looking at the clock rather than focusing on service. Poor work habits and attitudes will rise as employees slow down. Unneeded staff may distract other staff.

5.Time and attendance

Can you reduce your labour costs just by adjusting when you have employees arrive and depart from work? Discuss any opportunities to adjust your labour with your RM.

6.Shift changes

Whilst you may need overlapping coverage for a smooth transition between shift changes, be careful that this is not to long. Thus encouraging time wasting and chatting. Plan shift changes to minimize service disruptions.

7.Actual vs bugdeted labour

Are you comparing actual labour against budgeted labour. With labour a small reduction in hours on a daily basis can give a significant saving on a yearly basis?

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