7 small changes to increase revenue & profit

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Every sale counts! Small changes can make a huge difference on daily sales. Here are 7 tips to increase revenue & profit.

1. We eat with our eyes

It is often said that we “Eat with our Eyes”. Why not have a display of freshly baked muffins + Danishes at the tills. Remember, you can always make it for less than you buy it.

2. Don’t overlook slow parts of the day

If it’s quiet in the afternoons, are there promotions that may make sense for you to utilize to generate more revenues during this down time? Could you offer late lunch specials?

3. Profitable items

Identify the most profitable items and promote them well. Do everything you can to ensure that these ‘most profitable items’ become the darling items of your customers. Keep in mind that the most profitable items are not always the most expensive.

4. Tempting and tantalizing wording

Use tempting and tantalizing wording for every dish. For example instead of calling a dish “Stuffed Red Pepper with Bacon and Tomato Coulis” why not try “Mediterranean Bell Pepper Stuffed with Flamed and Baked Bacon with a Sun-Ripened Tomato Drizzle”. Remember, try using words which sound appealing.

5. New products

Upselling – when you have a new product, ask your staff to try it and put together some points on what they like about it – let them speak with the customer about the product “have you tried … it tastes like …”.

6. Breakfasts ideas

Try innovative breakfasts ideas and let the customer know the day before. Use social media to share your ideas and get feedback for popular but unusual ideas – A salad served in a deep fried tortilla wrap – that’s not your regular breakfast item.

7. Advertise

Don’t forget to advertise – don’t just assume that because you have an on-site captive market that you have no competition. Send out emails. Advertise on staff notice boards. Remember you are competing with local sandwich shops and also people who bring in their lunch at home etc.

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