6 Places to Eat & Drink at Lunch!

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With just weeks to go until Lunch! – 24th & 25th September in the Business Design Centre, London, we’re already making plans here at Bizimply HQ. Debate (arguments!) has been ongoing for the last few weeks about where best to get our coffee in the morning, food in the afternoon and drinks at night. We’ve managed to narrow it down to the following, non-exhaustive list…

For Morning Coffee 

Workshop Coffee

Since 2011, Workshop Coffee has done more than just serve excellent coffee to the people of Islington and London. With 4 locations, a wholesale division, subscriptions and masterclasses in homebrewing and technique, we’re looking forward to our morning boost!

Timberyard UK

Voted Europe’s best independent coffee shop, Timberyard do far more than just excellent tea and coffee. With 2 locations, they have become hubs for the local creative communities. Hosting events, pop ups, talks and clubs – we’re hoping they have enough space for Bizimply!

For Afternoon Lunch!

Smokehouse Islington

With locations in Islington and Chiswick, Smokehouse has been gaining quite the reputation since opening in August 2013. Combining highly-praised food with a huge selection of beers (over 80) and wine sourced from a local vineyard, this food and drink combo would be too good to miss.

The Pig & Butcher

Located in a pub built in the 1800s, The Pig & Butcher certainly has a lot of character. Specialising in rare breed meats, we’re looking forward to getting our teeth into something a little different!

For Evening Drinks

69 Colebrooke Row

Sourcing ingredients that have been developed in a research and development laboratory has turned heads at Bizimply HQ. We’re really looking forward to getting our hands on some new cocktails with a unique twist!

Wenlock & Essex

Well known and regarded by the locals, Wenlock & Essex combines cocktails, wines and a range of draught beers. What more could a party of Irish people want when visiting London!

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