6 Companies Who Check Modern Customer Service Off The List

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6 companies who check modern customer service off the list

No matter what industry you’re in you already know the most important element of your business – yes, your customers! Making sure that your customers are satisfied is essential to your business success and providing top class customer service and in-store experience can make your company stand out.

The one common factor in delivering all of the above is communication. This has never been more important than in today’s digital age where your customers interact with your company in a multitude of ways, from in-store to social media and the various amount of choices provided by the mobile world.

6 companies who check modern customer service off the list

You must also ensure that the customer’s experience in dealing with your business is consistently satisfying – the so-called customer journey! To help you think about new ways to deliver top class customer service and in-store experience, we’ve looked at some of the best – why not take some time to review and make your customer engagement better and (as always) simpler!


Although communication with your customers is vital through social media, you also need to find the right balance. You don’t want your Twitter or Facebook page to be full of customer queries and replies, especially if some are negative. That’s why companies like Spotify have a separate page solely for customer support. This means that they can focus their main page @Spotify on their brand image while also providing great customer service on their separate page @Spotifycares.
Spotify is well known for having exceptional customer service. They have won multiple awards for best customer support and we can see why. They are always on top of their game with keeping customers up-to-date with any tech glitches, app updates and dealing with customer queries and any issues they may have.
customer service
However they don’t just stop there, they often reward customers for their feedback with playlists tailored just for them. So if you’re looking for inspiration on how to make your customers feel special these guys are definitely one of the best to look to.
customer service


I’m sure most of you have visited an IKEA store at some stage or another and know the process. However, if you have not here is a quick summary. When you enter you are lead through the warehouse on a path with arrows and signs to each section (it’s pretty much like a maze). But you can’t exit without seeing absolutely everything they have to offer (which is a lot) so it’s definitely a day out in itself.
Which is why they placed a restaurant in their store so that you can choose to either fuel your shopping experience or satisfy that hunger afterward. Bare in mind that the food they offer is extremely good value so it won’t have any major impact on your spending money. It’s a very smart strategy to get customers to stay in the store and shop for longer while enhancing their shopping experience at the same time.
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Lidl ran a very successful campaign called #LidlSuprises where they managed to get their customers to practically run the whole campaign for them. How did they do this? The answer is by using social media to their full advantage. Firstly they held various events where they had customers tasting their products unaware of the fact that they were from Lidl. The reason behind this was due to the fact that people perceive it as a discount store with low-quality products. People were pleasantly surprised at how good the products were and started to tweet about it by using #LidlSurprises and still continue to do so.
customer service Lidl then started to take customers tweets and put them on billboards outdoors and posters in their stores. Customers were over the moon to see their own tweets in their stores and on outdoor billboards, I mean who wouldn’t be?.
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Slack is a great example of a company who provide excellent customer service. They do this through their twitter channel @SlackHQ by interacting with their customers, providing updates and addressing any issues in relation to the product. They’re very honest about any problems and errors that occur with the product and that’s something that customers really appreciate! They are also very humorous and witty in their tweets which make them very entertaining to follow.
customer service
customer service


Innocent are always great for ensuring their customers have a good experience in dealing with them and their products. They are currently running a fantastic campaign in Ireland with the hashtag #SowandGrow. The aim is to show kids where healthy food comes from by growing it themselves. When you sign up you are sent a kit with a guide which is aimed at schools to get everyone involved. It’s a very clever way to give back to parents for buying their products for their children as they are teaching them a very valuable lesson. Innocent have also been engaging with the kids by retweeting and replying to pictures of them growing their plants in schools.
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Now I know what you’re thinking, another blog post with self-praise. But I think we deserve some credit for this one. Here at Bizimply we are very committed to ensuring that our customers get the best experience. We have a Facebook page so customers can instantly communicate with us through any device if they have any queries or issues. We also have a dedicated customer success team who communicate with customers on the phone to help them with any issues they have. We are very active on our Twitter and Facebook pages and respond to our customers within a short period of time. We also support our customers and follow them on their new ventures.
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Click here to find out more about the Bizimply customer support team!

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