5 Things Pubs & Bars Are Doing To Get Millennial Customers Back

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You may not have noticed a drop in the number of millennials frequenting pubs clubs and bars, but the owners most definitely have.

Particularly the younger age of the spectrum, from 18-21 years old. This age group is opting not to go to the pub, but instead would rather attend an event, or go somewhere with defined entertainment like a concert, comedian, or act. It seems that the allure of the simple pint is gradually wearing off on the younger generation.

In 2015 I was President of my University’s Students’ Union, and I remember a distinct change in how the incoming first years preferred their events. My ents team were constantly searching for hot acts, quirky bar fit outs, and gimmicks to draw a crowd in every night as the simple SU bar was no longer enough.

So some pubs have decided to push the boat out with an “innovate or die” type of passion, and a lot of it is pretty cool:

Manabrea Beer is offering a virtual reality experience to pub-goers, where they allow you to stroll around the town of Biella, as well as the Manabrea brewery and enjoy your pint in an albeit virtual, sun. Naturally pubs across the UK are gunning to get this in to attract younger punters.

61% of millenials who take part in leisure activities are actively looking for new ones to try, so why wouldn’t you give this a bash?

Tally-Ho’s Cycling Gin Safari is an afternoon tour that takes you through London‘s hidden gin spots. Expert tour guides and gin connoisseurs will talk you through the history of London’s gin trade, while you can pick up a few artisan treats for yourself.

Tally-Ho Cycles offer a number of cycling and walking experiences throughout the year but the gin tours have proved to be some of the most popular. The team regularly operates the gin tour as a private event for corporate groups, hen parties and singles networking groups. Gin bars are jumping to be a part of this idea, and hold gin’s position as one of 2018’s trendiest drinks.

Ok, VR and safaris aside, here’s something you can do quickly and cheaply.

Something that a lot of high-end bars or hipsterbars are doing is making sure they have something in their venue that is instagram-worthy. Be it the food they serve, the way they serve it, or something recognisable and original for people to pose with.

This is not a new tactic. Since the rise of social media, many places have leveraged this concept for free social media marketing, and it works. So put a swing in your bar, or serve your food in a miniature shopping trolley, I dunno. You get the picture.

Millennials are known for being big craft beer drinkers. Why? Because 43 percent of millennials say they prefer the taste of craft beer over domestic beer. Perhaps it is down to millennials love for creative and unique branding. Craft beer gives them a unique experience through various tastes and seasonal choices, or a locally brewed beer to stay loyal to.

A report shows that 75% of millennials think that it is important that companies don’t just take their cut, but give back to society. And y’know, good karma and all that. Think of the kids.

75% of millennials think that it is important that companies don’t just take their cut, but give back to society.

It is speculated that millennials aren’t killing the pub industry, but rather the pub industry isn’t keeping up. The exact reason for the recent decline is hard to pin down. Is it the cost of alcohol rising and forcing pubs to serve food to mitigate the impact of lower drink sales? Is it a more health-conscious generation of young people opting to drink less or not at all?

We cannot say for sure, but what we can say is that the industry is going through a more rapid change than it has seen before and adaption is going to be key… so, eh, pint anyone?

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