5 Reasons your business should embrace mobile apps

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The benefits of mobile adoption can be huge for large companies, but not every SMB or locally owned business has made the leap to running their business from their pocket. Speaking personally, there are a lot of jobs I much prefer to manage from a mobile device; maybe it is because I find it more intuitive than a desktop, or because mobile-tech is hardwired into how I manage my day-to-day life. In this blog I will list the advantages small businesses can yield from going mobile:

Keeping up with the competition

Mobile and employee app adoption has become the status quo, where new employees walk into a new job expecting at least some degree of mobile enablement. Not just at enterprise level, but even part time staff expect mobile visibility of their schedules and info. With the need for quick, remote actions – businesses are mobilising as much of their processes as possible; from customer interactions to the stockroom, to HR management.

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Employee satisfaction

Engagement, ease of use and transparency – just a few reasons why your employees appreciate investment in employee apps. The ability to connect with their job at any time makes for much healthier work/life management. Your employees can see their hours, employee info, holidays, communications, engagements, and to-do’s. It keeps operations much more fluid, benefiting the employee and employer.

Company communications

Managers and business owners who are constantly roaming, or working across several locations need to be able to update staff quickly, or reach on-site workers at the touch of a button. Keeping things mobile facilitates quicker engagements and solutions. It also offers a handheld view of the business at all times, meaning you can efficiently forecast and plan ahead of time – while on the move.

Company performance

When investing in anything, you expect a performance boost. Mobile apps offer the opportunity to dramatically increase efficiency.

When operating through specifically-designed apps, you can do-away with a lot of time-consuming manual processes; even engaging with your staff becomes much more time effective. Not to mention the increase in transparency among the workforce, unifying the company goals across all staff members.

The biggest appeal for owners and managers is of course the remote access and ability to manage multiple locations, tasks, department and employees from the same device. With exponential mobile development, there can often be little difference between mobile & desktop functionality; offering a lot of possibilities for the manager-on-the-move.

Value for money

If efficiency and engagement isn’t your bag.. What about money? The quick and simple nature of business mobilisation can be pretty fruitful when it comes to financial savings.

Let’s take a restaurant manager, for example.

Let’s say the manager spends 1.5 hours building the roster, and 1 hour on double-checking timecards, processing them for payroll every week = 10hrs a month.

If they get paid €15 an hour:

10hrs X €15 = €150 a month for a paper roster created on excel, which is being used as the basis for payroll; leaving a substantial risk for human error. Not a smart way to spend money, especially for a small business where margins are everything.

As we mentioned in the section about contests, you should pursue opportunities on Instagram

One of the latest updates on the Instagram platform is the introduction of temporary stories. Posting a story is a fun, creative way to share additional photos and videos of your restaurant. When crafting these stories, make sure to use Geotags so that your story shows up in local stories. Again, this is another opportunity to reach new patrons!

Now may be a good time to mention that it “just so happens” that Bizimply does all of this with a few clicks of a button, freeing up hours of time every week, and leaving your business operations in a much more reliable and compliant state… Funny how that worked out eh? 

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