5 Points To Take From The Upcoming Caffè Culture Trade Show

It’s just a week to Caffè Culture at the London Business Design Centre. We've compiled a list of the key speakers and takeaways at the show...
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Caffe Culture Trade Show

Five things you can take away from Caffè Culture 2019

It’s just a week to Caffè Culture at the London Business Design Centre. There will be plenty to see, learn, experience and, of course, taste. It’s difficult to pick out highlights, but here are a few things that caught our attention. 

1. Building a brand while adhering to your values

It’s tough being a start-up but it can be even tougher when you scale-up. Will the values that made you successful take you to the next level? How can you survive and prosper as an independent or a new franchisee? You will meet lots of people who have already faced these challenges – learn from their successes as well as their mistakes!

Recommended: How to beat the chains: Seven ways for independents to win against the big boys, David v Goliath, 10:20AM – 11:10AM on Monday.

2. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated

In 2008, there were only a handful of coffee shops offering speciality coffee. Today there are more than 500 specialty coffee shops in London alone!

Take a crash course in the history of speciality coffee and current offerings at Caffè Culture. This is not a bandwagon, it’s a trend that is here to stay.

Speciality coffee is a term for the highest grade of coffee available, typically relating to the entire supply chain, using single origin or single estate coffee. The term was first used in 1974 by Erna Knutsen in an issue of Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. Beans of the best flavour which are produced in special micro-climates.

Basically, to qualify as a speciality coffee, it has to be awarded a minimum of 80 points on a 100-point Coffee Review scale. It can be a real differentiator if you and your staff not only offer, but can talk knowledgeably about coffee.

Recommended: Bridging the gap between instant coffee and speciality coffee roastery operations, 3:00PM – 3:40PM on Monday.

3. Coffee is about community

Coffee shops are places to meet up with friends and acquaintances, or to meet new ones. They offer a break from the office, a place to connect with your neighbours and relatives. They have become rooted in the community and have a role to play. 

It’s important for your local business to have a pulse on the community and respond appropriately. There are a number of ways you can do this, but they all involve thinking beyond getting money in the till today, important though that is.

Recommended: The power of social media & the hospitality industry, 4:00PM – 4:40PM on Tuesday.

Also recommended: Coffee, community & compassion, 12:30PM – 1:10PM on Monday.

4. Sustainability is a big issue

“Coffee culture” has come in for a lot of criticism recently – some of it fair, some of it not – for wastefulness. Building a sustainable business is not only the right thing to do, it can be a great competitive differentiator.

Recommended: How to open a sustainable coffee shop, 11:20AM – 12:20PM on Monday.

5. It’s not just about a great cup of coffee

Being unprepared for ownership is a major reason why new independent coffee shops fail. So if you are starting out or thinking about it, take the opportunity to learn from a real pro with plenty of experience. Learn how to be systematic about profitability with John Richardson. It will be £75 very well spent.

Recommended: The Coffee Shop Profits Workshop hosted by John Richardson – book your tickets on the show website.

We also recommend that you pay us a visit on Stand H8! Attend Caffè Culture to learn how to manage staff effectively and efficiently with fewer demands on your time. Happy staff means happy customers. We look forward to meeting you.

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