4 Essential Qualities of a Great Leader

Bizimply believe great leaders exhibit qualities that show passion for success. Read the four qualities that we believe are essential in great leadership.
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Clear vision. Innovation. Integrity. Passion. Some of the many characteristics Bizimply believe are required to be a great leader. Great leaders understand that having a more diverse network is a source of pattern identification at greater levels and also at solutions as you have input of opinion that differentiate from your own. 

There is an expression; “go along to get along”. Simply put, this means you’re going to stay in your comfort zone for security, you’re afraid to step out and make a change. Is that how to be a great leader?

No. Great leaders take risks and take action. The most impactful development comes when you are able to build the emotional stamina to withstand people telling you that your new idea is naive or thoughtless but this shouldn’t stop you if you want to make good use of your time. 

Luckily for those who are naturally good leaders they can build and develop relationships without feeling threatened. For others, it can take time, patience and determination. Warren Bennis once said; Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. .

Here are some of the traits which the best leaders have:

Empathy. Displaying emotional intelligence at all times will show your employees that you care and understand them. You portray the ability to instil trust with your employees, leading to stronger relationships and knowing what words to use and when to use them. Great leaders have an innate understanding of when someone needs to hear words of praise or needs additional motivation. Within this, it allows leaders to predict the effect their decisions and actions will have on core audiences and plan accordingly. Without empathy, you can’t form a team or nurture a new generation of leaders.

Inspiration. A great leader inspires action. They do this through their actions, words and even their vision. Having the power and ability to communicate their passion to employees, almost like storytelling to allow their colleagues to observe something new in a situation or from a different perspective. Inspirational leaders keep employee morale high, are the foundation for culture and big contributors to implementing a positive and productive working environment.

Authenticity. A great leader needs to be authentic. What’s a leader that doesn’t believe in the vision and goals of the business? They have to understand and enjoy what their company does, be an advocate. At Bizimply, our aim is in helping managers and leaders to strengthen their presence within their workplace by providing a solution that enables them to understand more aspects of their business. We are helping to provide the knowledge of the different core functions that apply to them so they can take the next steps in being aware of what areas need improvement, how to drive it forward and making impactful decisions that benefit everyone within the business. 

Vision. Great leaders use vision as a tool to encourage and create drive. An important trait to possess to ensure success within the business. Looking into the future can help you to keep moving forward and overcoming any obstacles on the way. Strategic planning falls into play here as leaders will use this outlook into the future to adapt their strategy in order to accomplish their vision. This is what separates them from managers, their quality of vision is completely different and as I mentioned before, they continue to excel out of their comfort zone, whilst tapping into the emotions of their employees.

The acceptance of leadership is a great responsibility. With your own hands, you create what’s ahead of you. You envision the path your business is headed. Every business owner, regardless of their level should always be looking for ways to become a better leader.

Speak to one of our advisors today to see how Bizimply can help you become a great leader for your team!

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