13 Tips To Motivate Your Staff

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Motivating your employees on a daily basis is essential to any business. When your staff are motivated it is more likely that they will be more productive and will help you reach your business goals.

Working in the retail and hospitality industry can be very stressful and can leave employees with little time to unwind and have a social life. It is therefore extremely important to motivate staff continuously to counteract imminent loss of productivity.

13 Tips To Motivate Your Staff

1. Trust

Make sure that your employees know that you trust them to work on their own. Don’t second guess their ideas or the work that they have done or they will begin to lack confidence.

2.  Individual recognition

Praise your employees for their achievements individually and let them know how much you value their work. Writing a personal note can be a nice idea as it is more meaningful than an email or text.

3. Fun has a time and place, it’s in the workplace!

Work should never feel like a complete chore. Try to ensure your team are enjoying their job while working. Introduce fun competitions between/during shifts about knowledge of the menu or ingredients. Usually a free beer at the end of a long shift is enough motivation!

4. Communication

Hold regular meetings to keep staff up to date on what’s going on. This will help them to feel secure in their job. Try to make these meetings more casual, for example have lunch brought in from a catering company and discuss any issues during this time. 

5. Training
Never stop training your team, even when budgets are tight. Everyone likes to feel like they are learning and improving which in turn makes them a more valued part of the company.

6. Listen to and use their ideas
Listen to your team and run with their ideas from time to time – even if they are small ones. It helps to encourage people to take ownership and see how they can improve the business.

7. Team building activities 

Have days set out in the year where you hold team building activities. They are especially great to introduce new employees to the team and get to know one another. Here are some ideas of activities and games to play.

8. Advocate for your team

Even if the customer is king, you should support your staff and trust them where possible. This will increase work satisfaction of your staff and constitute a healthy work environment.

9. Positivity

Try to come into work each day with a positive attitude and good energy to set the tone at work. Once your employees see that you’re in a good mood they will feed off that energy and will be more productive. Here are some benefits of having a positive attitude at work.

10. Enforce an open door policy

Be transparent with your staff and be open to feedback. Also, provide constructive feedback where possible. Check out the Sandwich feedback method outlined here.

11. Leadership
Provide training for staff in different areas of the business and encourage them to switch up their usual job so that they can stay interested and challenged. Giving your employees the power to lead will result in increased productivity and overall good staff morale. Here are some benefits of empowering your employees in the hospitality sector.

12. Include staff
Being brought into the managerial fold gives staff a sense of ownership of the restaurant. It gives them reason to want to improve.

13. Socialize with your staff off the clock
Think about socializing with them outside of working hours, for example throwing an informal barbecue or a Sunday lunch party

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