10 Simple Ways To Control Your Labor Cost

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Here are a few of our top tips for managing labor costs:

1. Do you write a new schedule every week or do you just recycle the old schedule?

2. Always schedule from the top down, start with the manager/head chef.

3. Are all staff including the management on the schedule?

4. Remember schedules should be based on the flow of business.

5. Can you reduce your labour costs just by adjusting when employees arrive and depart from work?

6. Can you shave time off the start or the end of the shift?

7. Schedule weekly; post new schedules every week a minimum of one week prior to start of the pay week.

8. Remember, do not schedule staff members at their convenience. Schedule them when you need them!

9. What about shorter shifts from 11am to 2pm?

10. Managers usually schedule start times on the hour. Can you adjust scheduled times by using 30 or even 15 minutes increments.

Always remember; Control your labor costs through better scheduling, not lower wages.

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